Thursday 2 August 2012

Fitness Guide For Beginners

Hello there! :D

I feel like such a bad-ass typing that title :P Really :D 8 months ago, I was a fitness newbie. Its not like now I am a pro and will be releasing my fitness DVD anytime soon, just that now I know enough to give lil tips :)
So if you are a total fitness virgin who was a couch potato until this post ago *yes, that sentence makes sense*, then this post is for you.

Whatever might be your reasons for opting fitness, congratulations :) It might be because you have to lose weight to get healthier or you just want to keep yourself in shape and toned and maintain the happy weight, do know that you have made the right choice. After having lost 8 kgs over 3 months, I know the feel of a fit-body-in-making.
PS: I still am supposed to shed the last 6 kgs for my healthy weight and the fact that I am well on my way to it adds the confidence :)

Lets get started now 8)

1. Have a stable mind. When you get impressed and motivated by a set of quotes or some hot bod or some inspirational talk, every thing looks super easy and ICanDoIt. Right after the first 3 minutes of the IntenseWorkoutThatGivesYouFlatAbsHiddenUnder3LayersOfFatIn2Minutes, you will start hating it, I promise. The catching for breath, the panting and grunting sucks and you'll start wondering why you are doing whatever you are doing! :P Trust me, I have been there. So, make up your mind. Make a solid list of why you are wanting to lose weight and read it/re-play it in your mind everyday. Note down your weight and your measurements.It will be easier to track down the progress.You'll soon love working out :)

2. Select your type of workout. Now that you have decided to workout, select the type of work out that suits you the best. Yoga? Aerobics? Pilates? Dance sessions? Slow, paced work outs? Intense yet effective workouts? Cardio? Resistance? Decide what works the best for you. Do remember that for weight loss, cardio is necessary and helpful.

3. After choosing your work out, allot time. Well, think this point should have come before? Nope. If you 'want' to 'make time', you never will. If you 'have to and need to make time', you'll. Got me? Okay. No? Read again :P Do you want to workout in the morning? Choose it only if you are morning person. Inspirations don't really work at 5 AM if your usual rising time is 8 AM. No matter who says "Rise and Shine Upper East Siders Honeybunch", you most probably won't. Atleast, I won't. So, fit in a time where you will be inspired enough to work out. This is just the beginning, once you are into it, it becomes a part of your life :)

4. Start easy. Don't force yourself into an hour of exercising if you are starting. Start with 20 minutes and gradually add spans of 10 minutes. Its suggested that no exercise should be done for more than 60 minutes at a stretch. Also, always always and always start with warm ups and cool down after a workout. A good warm up ensures that the muscles are ready for the workout and a good cool down will set them back. This helps a lot in avoiding injuries.

5. If you are working out at home, keep ready a list a powerful music. There are millions of tracks available. High pumping music makes work out so much more fun. If you are into yoga/any other slow paced workout, stick with pleasant yet strong music.

6. Don't allow any interruptions. Switch that damned phone off, turn off the lappie and lock the room incase of domestic disturbances. *I mean siblings, spouses and pets. I am sorry if I sound rude, but it is really no fun when someone enters your room for a casual yet can-wait-talk when you are sweating like a pig and wanting the clock to move faster. And hey! Heartbeat rate comes down implies repeat the cardio :o Now, am I rude? ;)*

7. Sore muscles. Yes. They are a pain in the ass. And every where else. The night when you sleep after your first decent workout will feel good. You see, you'll feel the 'pull in the muscles' and the 'stretching feels good'. That is just a trailer. Picture abhi baaki hai, mere dost :P The next morning you'll wake up to SHIT SORE muscles. I kid you not, it aches god-awful and the worst part in the body will be the one with maximum fat content :P You'll curse the one who invented the concepts of stairs. Squatting will be equal to getting hit in the wrong place. It will ache, you'll feel the pain. And you know what? Its good :) It means its working. All the lazy muscles have got a spank and are gearing up to listen to you. The fat, is getting burnt. The real reason for the soreness is the minor, tiny tears in the muscles. Don't worry,they'll repair themselves and serve The Master.You 've got to work through this. Please don't stop working out and go nil. If the pain is too much, may be do some basic stretches and give some lil motion. If you stop and restart after a while, the cycle repeats :( The soreness will be gone in a couple of days.My dad's personal trainer didn't let him pop any pain killers too. Showering in normal room temperature water (that is not lukewarm/warm/hot), helps. It did ease mine though :)
PS: If you have very bad aches, please consult the doctor. You are your aches' best judge. If you think you really should rest, then do rest. I did the push ups wrong the first time and it gave me real bad soreness in the tummy region.So bad, I couldn't do basic stretches. I had to completely stop for a while and when I resumed, I made sure never to do intense push ups until I get them right. And I still can't do decent push ups :|

8. Wash your face before work out and after work out. Please don't cake on make up. Even if you are heading to the gym, very light moisturizer + sunscreen is more than enough.When you work out, you will sweat and this will unclog the pores. If you apply make-up, it will lead to clogged pores again and will result in acne. Ouuch! I work out at home, so I apply nothing to my face when am working out. Tie your hair in nice, stable pony tail/buns. Open hair, half hair or fancy braids look good in pictures and videos. You will get disturbed when hair falls on to your face. Sticky sweat EEEWW! :D

No.Not when working out.

Yes.Minus all the make-up.

9. Wear good shoes. You 've got to protect your feet from so much tension. It helps avoid a lot of injuries.

10. Wear comfortable clothing. Too big or too small is hazardous and freakin' uncomfortable. Don't buy a size smaller cuz 'you'll lose weight anyway'.Buy the perfect,comfortable sized clothes. Variety of work out gear is available from trift stores to branded ones. Select the one that fits in your budget.

11. You'll have to revise your hair care too. As you will sweat like crazy, you'll have to wash your hair more often. I usually used to wash my hair every three days, but now, even alternate days are uncomfortable >.< I have to wash my hair everyday. So, invest in a mild shampoo and a very good conditioner. Also moisturizing leave in serums are a must.

12. Hydrate yourself well before you start working out. Do not gulp down water in between, it can be fatal. If you are not working out first thing in the morning, then work out after an hour after your meal. Green tea is known to increase metabolism rates. Also, a cup of warm water with honey+lime juice perks up your body's fat burn rate. It also keeps you refreshed and energised :)

13. Eat healthy. For me, after a decent workout, the sight of junk food is detesting. All I will think is, "OMG NO! I worked my ass off this morning, I am not gonna make it go waste for this piece of junk" and will automatically go for veggies and salads :P Always have sprouts ready :) All you have to do is add in some corn, some pomegranate and your super healthy snack is ready. I have started this practice very recently and it totally kicks ass! I make them in batches and keep it in my fridge. Everytime I feel hungry, I go for a bowl of the healthiness that I won't regret :) Incorporate the so many kinds of cereals and grains, you'll never get bored ^_^

14. Have a cheat day. That day, you can give a rest to your work out, and eat everything you want. Well personally I wouldn't do that. I might take a rest from workout, but I have always been sort of healthy with my food choices :D So, except when I am really stressed, I don't prefer junk. *Yea, I binge under emotionally-screwed-up-mode :(*

15. Everytime you feel 'hungry', drink a tall glass of water. Your brain often confuses thirst to hunger. If you still feel hungry, then you are really hungry :) Go, eat something healthy! :)

16. Its really important not to let the body get used to one specific type of workout. Add in variety, confuse the body. Work out different set of muscles every time.

17. Breathe. Always concentrate on breathing. Take deep breaths and it will burn more calories. Don't take too long breaks. If you must take one, let it not be more than 5 seconds. (That is what  Jillian Michael says :)*

18. Make use of so very many apps for counting the intake of calories and the burnt ones. This way, you'll know what is going on in your body :P When its on your phone, you'll be more regular to update it :)

Couldn't resist uploading this one :P

19. Lastly, have a realistic goal. Let your work out not be a stint. Have a passion and love what you do. Lose weight in a healthy way. Fad diets don't work. Instead, incorporate the healthy habits into your life style and see that fat melt away!

Know that you deserve a fit body. Don't give lame excuses. Remember, if you really want it, you can have it. Hot bodies aren't made over night, you have got to work for it. Its not easy, but its totally worth it! :)

PS: All images have been taken from Pinterest or Google-d. I don't claim any ownership.

Stay inspired, stay fit :)



  1. Great tips! I am a pretty fit/active person and I work out 1hour - 1.5 hour everyday. I run around a hiking trail that is 10KM and its great exercise. I think a big thing for me is weekend eating, on a friday I need to control my obsession with pizza lol

    xoxo Bree

    The Urban Umbrella

    1. 1 hour to 1.5hours per day is amazing :) You are real active!You so are an inspiration Bree! Aah when you are so fit, the pizza wouldn't be a pain ;)

  2. You know what I joined for Aerobics :)...I am not a morning person, but I don't have time otherwise to spare for exercise. So, I get up at 5:30 and hit the class. There are days when my head was unwilling to get out of the cozy blanket, but my will power does it for me...I love you fitness post, may be you should write one about the diet you follow too...

    1. Congratulations Opal :)Aerobics is lot of fun, isn't it? :) 5 30 for me is inhumane :P I will make time in evenings and sleep late than wake that early! *Unhealthy, I know* Keep it going babe, let us know how is goes :) thank you very much. Well my diet ain't any restricted, will make a post soon :)

  3. Me too started my fitness regime a couple of months back. It includes cardio+aerobics+poweryoga everyday :) Its a bit strenous but totally worth every muscle pain and the daily messy hair :D
    During cardio all I do is watch bollywood songs on the tv at my gym :p so I know all the latest releases by heart :D
    I am proud of myself to say that I have not skipped a single day of gym for any lame reason like aaj mera mann nahi hai :p
    The real trouble I am facing is with keeping a constant healthy diet.
    I don't eat outside food at all, its like twice or thrice a year so its not abt junk food for me.
    But because of my erratic life style a good indian vegetarian diet is what I am going for..

    any tips ?

    1. Whoa!That is a whole lot of workout, awesome! Aawh IKR?! The feel of fat burning :P I still am sticking to 30 day shred, so I keep listening to Jillain :D She is so freakin' strict, I go mum even if her pictures come up on Pinterest :P I'll add some more cardio soon, will copy cat you then ;)
      Me too proud of you gorgeous, sticking to gym ain't easy. Mera bhi mann nahi lagta hai kabhi kabhi, but ya know, hot body wishes :D
      Umm diet..Well sweetie I am vegan, milk and milk products are the only animal sourced products I consume. Include a lot of negative calorie foods in your diet, helps immensely! I'll make a diet based post soon :) thank you Namita! Keep me posted on how the fitness journey goes :)

    2. me too a complete vegetarian :)
      Breakfast is the worst time for me :p
      I hate cornflakes, museli, oats, barley sprouts :p so u see the common nutritious snack/food is not for me.
      my weakness is white rice. still I am trying to limit it to once a week.


      will direct you to my new blog soon. have some issues with it at the moment :D

    3. Namita :D How can you hate everything that I LURVE?! :o In my yet-to-come diet post, I'll keep in mind your specifications ;)
      Me no have weakness for white rice, I despise it :P

      New blog? SURE! Can't wait :) Good luck Gorgeous :)

  4. am bookmarking this post! so helpful and inspirational. i wanted to start my wt loss journey when u had first posted about it in feb i guess, but i got lazy! anyways, am gonna begin soon! hey, have u heard of Weight Watchers? i am planning to give it a try!

    1. Aawh Pranali :D Even I have gotten lazy, haven't kept up with the workouts :( Also, my that-time-of-the-month is godawful! Forget intense workouts, even simple stretches kill me :| I am on temp. break now :|
      I have heard Weight Watchers is pretty good ya, but haven't tried. I have on account on Spark People, but I really don't update. I prefer writing stuff down in a lil notebook :P
      If you give a try, lemme know sweetie =) All the very best, you go girl :)

  5. OMG..Bookmarked ryt away!I'm just a week old to gym,n this comes well in time :)

    1. Hehehe :D I am glad its getting book marked ;) Lets get fit, wuhuu! 8)

  6. hi nami,

    sweetheart i hv started my fitness routine with..this guide of urs..i feel lil bad while getting its getting colder n colder here but ur tips r really gud...all d best to me

    1. How did I miss this comment :\ All the best Smita, I hope you are doing good :)

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  9. Hey,

    Liked your blog..I am trying to maintain 6 days work out of 1 hour a week. I lost 4 kgs in 3 months and I am proud of it.

    My work timings are like 5 pm to 2 am. So, I eat even at 12.30 a.m.
    I need to increase my water intake but since I seat in AC, the thrust for water reduces..

    My problem areas are my tummy and arms.
    Any tips on that would be great.. Also I started swimming, would try to keep doing it but it becomes a costly affair.


    1. Hey, thank you for your comment :) Congratulations on the weight loss.

      Umm I am not a fitness expert, all information I have is not near to professional help. But I am pretty sure weight loss can't be done for a specific body part, as in you've got to workout all parts. May be do more of abs and exercises that focus on arms - weights etc.

      Good luck :)

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