Saturday 4 August 2012

And the winners are...!!

Hello there dolls! :D

Guess what? :D OK, you already know what I am gonna announce now! I am quite sure some of you have already scrolled down to check who the lucky damsels are ;)

It took me quite a lot of time to check the entries. There were many errors and I had to disqualify many of you :( Also, please don't cheat with the entries. Facebook accounts, blogs and profiles solely created to enter giveaways isn't something I personally appreciate. When we hold giveaways, we add in a lot of effort, and that is because we love our blogs and our readers. Let it be a moment of fun and happiness, not a goddamn competition.

Anyho, I got a whoooping 12766 entries and couldn't have been happier :D My page hits read 30,316 and I have made so many new friends :) Thank you very much! :) Do continue giving all the support okay? ;)

Also, the response we got was so wonderful, we decided to increase the number of winners to four! WHOA! :D Thank Mr. Best Friend for that!

According to the poll that was conducted during the run of the giveaway, the 'surprise goodie' that got the maximum votes was the handbag, and the next maximum votes went to tee-shirts :) So, the second winner will be getting a handbag and the third and fourth winners get a tee-shirt each :D

*Drum rolllss* also, *Trumpets and bugles*,

The first winner is,

Surabhi Agarwal! She wins a Maybelline Colorsensational lippie, lipgloss, kajal and a Lakme nail polish! :) What makes is extra special is that she was the first one to enter the giveaway :)

The second winner is,

Coral Crue!! 

The third winner is,

Manushree Mishra!!

And the extra lucky damsel who is winning the added-later-thanks-to-you-guys-gift is,

Bhumika Thakkar!!

I will be mailing you guys soon :) Congratulations my honeybunches! :) :)

Those of you who didn't strike a luck, don't lose heart :* I'll be holding another giveaway soon :)

PS: The winners will get 48 hours to reply to my mail. Incase they fail, a new winner will be picked.
The first winner will get the goodies via The blog and the blog owner are not responsible for those goodies.
The second, third and fourth winners, please give me some time till I dispatch you the gifts.

Thank you so much everybody, once again :) :) Also winners, do share the pictures with us once  you receive them :D



  1. Yahooooo!!! Thank you Thank you :) super excited on the win. Will share the pics in a post very soon.

  2. Congratulations to all the winners :D :D

  3. congrats to all the winners.............

  4. Yayayay !! Thank you Namita :)) Mailed you..and Congrats to all the winners :)


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