Wednesday 1 August 2012

My teeny haul :D

Hello there! :D

You know that feel after a workout? Aah how I love it ^_^ I am on the second day of Jiillian Michael's 30 day shred and it feels good. She really pushes you to do it! Yesterday I couldn't do half of the workouts and today I did everything except the last one! Just 24 minutes and I end up a sweaty mess. Level 1 took me 3 days to master. I'll keep you guys posted on it :) Also, my computer is finally dead. You do remember the  The Story of the Abused right? The service guy had suggested to use it till it dies 100%. So instead of getting a new computer, mom bought a lappy for herself. Now, the monitor is completely screwed up. So, when you see your screen reduced to 1/3rd of the size of your monitor,appears in the bottom, and 'stretched to inside', and you also see many greyish lines passing through the 'screen', it does mean that the computer is 100% dead right? I am asking for a new lappy now. Lets see how it goes :D I might end up being irregular here on Blogosphere due to the same reason, but I'll try my best to keep you guys posted 8) 

Also, my giveaway has ended and I have got a whooping 12766 entries! :) Thank you so very much guys! :) I'll check the entries and announce the lucky damsels soon.

Lets move on to my haul now. I don't really do 'hauls', I keep buying stuff all through. But well, here is a picture for you guys :) Do let me know what you want me to review first! :)

Oriflame HairX Cushion Brush
Dove Pure Moisture Body Wash
Camellia Spice Body Spray
Eva Sweet Body Spray
Oriflame Lash Explosion Mascara
Reliance Nail Trend Nail Polish Remover
Oriflame Mousse Delight 
Oriflame Tender Care Chocolate lipbalm
Oriflame Optimals Seeing is Believing Multi Benefits Eye cream
Oriflame Gloss Booster Lip gloss in Watermelon
Random clip :P

I know I know, its almost an Oriflame haul :P But hey! When you have a very generous mommy, it doesn't matter does it? Oh and when I had recently been to the Oriflame office, a skin analyst there suggested the eye cream. *Being the favorite consultant's favorite daughter comes with benefits ;)* When I told her about my search for a good eye cream, she suggested the Oriflame one *obviously* and asked me to give it a try before I start with other brands. Also, the lip gloss is a gift :D I did a simple nail art (colored french tips in hot pink) and she was very happy :) :D So girls, let me know what you want me to review first :)

PS: I had clicked all the product reviews pictures and had kept them safe on the comp, only to see it go blind >.< I'll review the lipgloss tomorrow, pinky promise :) 

BTW, I am finally wanting a hair dryer. Suggest something in the range of Rs.800/- to Rs.1000/- please? :)

Have a great day ahead :D



  1. great haul :D hope u get ur lappy soon :D

  2. I love oriflame products. But, they can be bought only through oriflame consultants no?. My favorite oriflame product would be, oriflame face powder and very me lip gloss

    1. Yea Opal, though are a wee bit expensive, the products are impressive :) Yup, the products have to be bought via the consultants, you can get in touch with me incase you need :) Oh yea the pressed powder is really awesome! I am yet to try Very Me lip gloss :) Thank you :)

  3. great haul! mousse review plz..

  4. Hey hun!!cool haul!!I've tried the perfume...It's nice :)
    I wanna try the peach me, it sounds promisin for a oily me :D :P
    n All the best.May God ease the process of patao'ing your parents for the lappy :D
    The Sweet Life

    1. Ruhie :) Yea, the deos are real nice ^_^ Do a give a try to Peach me, you can check the review from the link :) its my staple :)
      Oh haha yup :P Mom is fine with a new one, got to patao5 dad now :P
      PS: That was a super funny line :D May God ease...LOL! You are one witty girl :D :)

  5. Hey Namita!
    frm where u bought Jiillian Michael's 30 day shred? is it downloaded from Net?

    1. Hey Vanu :)
      If you want to download from net,you can do torrent downloads. There a many good links, mail me if you want them! :)

  6. Thank you for the tips and amazing workout music!!

    Following you now doll and thx for your comment on my blog. Also liked your facebook page.

    <3 Marina
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  7. hey namita! i use the philips salon-dry compact! guess its 750 bucks! its quite decent!

    1. Thank you Pranali, I'll keep this in mind while selecting :)

  8. nice post.


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