Tuesday 31 July 2012

Tan Troubles - TOD!

Hey there! :)

Ya know what? I am getting good at driving :D Not the good good, but better good :D I can keep the vehicles on roads now, though I do accelerate when I am supposed to apply breaks and vice versa :o God, why you no give me three legs? >.< But ya also know what? I wanna own a car of my own soon ^_^ I know, obsession it is :P

On a completely different note, I learnt a new tip to reduce tanning a couple of weeks ago. There is this very talkative neighbor lady who sometimes proves useful :P She is a gossip satellite, I tell you :|
She was home some late evening to learn a new recipe from mom *my mom has no time to indulge in galli gossip 8)* and she noticed my brother's tan :P My brother, is a specimen. He is the ultimate example of how bad a person human can get tanned :| He is forever playing cricket or cycling or skating or whatever-ing is that keeps him out of home all day. No matter how good a sunscreen we slather on him, its a waste. He has turned like a million shades darker than what he really is. ARGHH!! :@ So, the lady is question, was so filled with grief, she gave away a peice of brain that is not yet clogged with gossip. Yes, home remedy for tanning it is, my friend.

Jangal Haldi (Vanharidra or wild turmeric) and milk (malai or plain milk) : A mixture of this is to be applied on exfoliated skin and left for 30-45 minutes. After it dries, make it a lil wet and scrub away. Wash again with your regular cleanser. Repeated for thrice a week, it reduces tanning very effectively. I can safely say after using it on my specimen :P It does sting a lil on cut skin (Ouuchh!) or sunburnt skin (OMG Ouuchh!!). Start with lesser concentrations of haldi and more of milk as this type of turmeric is really stronger than the ones we use for cooking and facial application. Oh and please don't apply this mixture to your face, no matter what. Its real concentrated and can burn sensitive skin.

PS: Turmeric stains skin like crazy, it also stains clothes. So do not where your favorite dresses when using this. Also, don't get this to your eyes :P If it does go in, rinse off with..wait! Why in the world am I telling you this?!
PPS: If you are allergic to turmeric, do not use this. Though its effective, it can lead to rashes and reddening of skin with a tingling sensation.
PPPS: This is perfect for tougher areas like elbows, knee caps, and can also be used on arms, feet and legs. Add in milk as required. The more the milk, milder the paste. Its no rocket science :P Also, you can add in finely ground sugar or oatmeals for extra exfoliation.

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Let me know how it works for you :)



  1. Okay I need jungle haldi now!!
    my right arm is tanned cos i drive daily :p I keep on checking left and right one to see if any tiny winy improvement has come up cos of sunscreen :D

    1. Do give a try Namita :) Also add in besan for added benefits ^_^ I too have horrible tan and I am finally sick of waiting for it to go :| Do let us know how it goes dear :)

  2. Where do I get Jungle Haldi from???

    1. Its easily available in shops that sell pooja stuff sweetie =) Its also called kastoor haldi =)


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