Wednesday 22 August 2012

Fashion. Disaster.Period.

Hello there! :D

What do you do when you are home after a tiring day at college? You stretch, you relax, you understand the importance of short posts. 
Yes, you do.
You also start new section on blog - which will be updated as per requirements.

Welcome the new section where I'll feature celebrities - ones that are dressed perfectly, the others, not so perfect. They needn't be latest pictures, just the ones that catch my eye :D

PS: No offence intended to anybody. When you are a celebrity, you are expected to be 'in' with the latest trends,you have no compulsion to go insane.

Designer Jeremy Scott

This is what happens if you piss off a cock (or a hen). It will rob you off your clothes, stick its feathers all over you, and force you to pose for photographers.
Oh it also gives attention to details, the crown on the head and all.

Musician Le Gateau Chocolat

That morning was a disaster. When Le woke up, his roof had blown off. His house was blown off :( But he couldn't let it affect his presence for the ceremony right? So he ran to his mumma's house, borrowed her maid's curtain and dressed himself up. He made sure he pumped air into his attire, in the loving memory of the wind that blew his brains off.

Stacy Keibler

I love this golden Marchesa! She looks so sophisticated! ^_^ With a body like that, its a crime not to be gift wrapped. LOVE!

Carrie Underwood

I will never, ever, never get over ruffles! Add in pale blue, and you have yourself a wonderful Oscar de la Renta. Her eye makeup is just so beautiful :) LOVE!

What is your opinion? Let me know! :)

Image sources: Google-d. I don't claim any ownership.



  1. wow~ i am coming back to blogging after a break and so nice to see that there are so many changes in here, it's beautiful. love your new template, Namita :)

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