Tuesday 21 August 2012

A NotSoHumdrum Life

Hello there Honeybunches! :o *huffs*

Phew! *pant*I hadn't told you guys know? I went on a planned-in-five-minutes trip yesterday. It was so swift and sudden, I couldn't let you guys know about it. *Yes, you guys know everything about my life. Not :P Smile :D*
It proved to be god-awfully tiring. Sometimes, I really really pity my feet :O

And this morning, I woke up to first day of college! Whoaa :D The vacations have finally gotten over and I am back to everyday's routine. College, friends, fun, classes, deadlines, submissions ^_^ 

Though I lurve every part of my college life, my biological clock is yet to get set to this. I mean, after waking up at 11 AM everyday for two months, it really ain't easy to wake at 6 AM and doll up. *Life, CollegeBus, why you no let me sleep? >.<*

I am officially a second year B.E student now :D

Today was fun :P We had no classes. A welcome to into our branch by our HOD 8) Information Science and Engineering :D He kept telling us about placements, internals, assignments and we were busy discussing the holidays that have finally gotten over :P Really, when are we ever gonna get the 'professional seriousness'? :P

I don't think I am ever gonna grow up to a professional :D I still sleep through classes, hate the vivas and treat lab records like herpes. *Sigh*

Its a new class, new friends. I miss my bestie so much :( All the last bench talk, the eating chocolates, imitating lecturers, discussing First World problems like hair fall and spot for a tattoo. Bestie, why you in different class? :(

Oh and I discovered a new friend. Ofcourse, a senior :D I have never, till date, made VERY good friends with people of my own age,except for my bestie :P All my best friends and my punchbags are seniors :) And this time, its a super senior :D I wonder how, at one point of time, guys end up being more understanding than girls. Like well, we all need girl besties, they make life so much more easier. But a good guy friend is someone who won't judge you, he won't understand the bitch-ism anyway :D And when you and his girl friend are so similar, like long last sisters, you end being his little friend who brings back his childhood memories. #IHaveNoIdeaYIAlwaysGetTreatedLikeABabyWhenSeniorsMatter #IFeelGoodThough,AllTheExtraPamperingAndCare ;)

(Amit, if you are reading this, see? I blogged about you. Happy? :D)

That is it for now you guys, I am way out of sanity to think straight and right a sensible post :| I will take some time to get used to this routine. After weeks of drenching in lazy-ism, me needs a jumpstart. I don't think I am getting it any time soon, sore feet, ill looking eyes and all :o

This is how I look like, kasam se!

Image ain't mine, Google-d it

Miss me okay?



  1. Hey me tooo 2nd year Engg...am finally back to blogging and after two whole weeks am finally back in routine!! LOL laziness gripped me real tight..I can truly understand your condition..
    new post up at my place :D

    1. Hi5 :D Its a pain to attend classes after vacations >.< Did you receive the gift? :O


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