Sunday 5 August 2012

Mission Kill It! - TOD!

Hello there Sugarcubes! =)

My skin is being so cruel to me :( When I was finally sigh-ing that 'no more pimples', TADAAA! There came the PMS and got followed by chums. Hmph! :@ Now I have two huge pimples on my cheek >.< But ya know what? Though they are the cysts that grow up and take days to dry, I am battling them really well and haven't let them grow. I know I know, just imagine huge pimples with scary eyes and Muhahahaha face with swords in hand :o

Who is being my Dark Knight? Honey it is! :)

For instant remedy for a pimple, when you feel a pimple coming, apply honey on clean skin and let it sit there for a while. Trust me when I say it works like a charm :) Wash it off with luke warm water, and re-apply honey after a while. Repeat. Honey is anti-bacterial and kills the germs, obviously stopping any more infection. It also moisturizes the skin ^_^
No matter how sensitive your skin is, you can never be allergic to honey :)

Do try and let me know! :)

PS: This must be my shortest post ever :P But hey! I am off to plan a diet post as a continuation to Fitness Guide for Beginners
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  1. Will sure try the honey trick, thanks doll :)

    1. Yea CC, try and let me know how it goes :)

    2. I used it and it's doing my skin a whole lot of good. thanks, girl :)

    3. Oh do continue using and see miracles, no exaggeration :) Anytime CC :)

  2. I also get breakouts wen am pmsing..wil def try honey..thanks for the tip

  3. agreed agreed. . . honey is my miracle savior too !!!


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