Friday 13 July 2012

Fitness Motivation

Hello there! :)

I haven't updated you guys in a long time :D *Well even if  I have, my rants are always interesting, right? 8) Say yes and flatter me ;)*

My secrety secret project is going full swing and I couldn't be more excited :D Weee! :D Those of you that don't know, go here :) *I know it was supposed to be here days ago but I want it to be perfect, hence the delay. Stay curious! ;)*
I have never been more dedicated in life, ever :D

This vacation is probably my most productive of all! 8) I am enrolling for driving classes on Monday. *Can't wait to zoom away Wooo!* I also got my new ATM card yesterday. Well the previous one hadn't reached home via post but had instead gone back to the bank :| Obviously, it got registered as lost card >.< I didn't want to get it renewed and stuff, its a pain. Instead I applied for another one and boy! Its so cute :D Its this silver colored card that has tribal art on it ^_^ So so adorable ^_^ You guys please transfer money to my account? Its such a nice feel to use the card 8)

Also, my fitness is going good :) I have this last 6 kg to lose and I am stuck there :| For a person who was once 15 kg over weight, its a great deal :D I plan on working out a lil more and eating healthier and shed them off! 8)
And for that, I need motivation. These posters below motivate me to a impressive extent.

Aaw! :D 

Yes, make yourself proud 8)

You CAN.

Love yourself :) You'll be fit faster :) 

Outrace you :)

Make them ask this 8)

What say? 

Enough motivation? Chalo now pin these or take a print out or make a slideshow and use every time you feel lazy :) You have one body, you live in it. Make yourself worth more, cuz you are :) Be fit, be toned. Make sure you will never again reject a dress because it makes you 'look fat'. Every piece of cloth looks hot on a fit body :) 

PS: Love your body and it will love you back! 8)

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  1. I'm the laziest gal around:(((.....thanks for the pep talk princess!

  2. I'm so happy for you.. and only 6kg more.. c'mon babe, you can do it!!
    I lost 3kg already! *yay* Still got more to lose! *sigh* But I'm kinda confident that I'll be able to lose them and back to my normal size.. :))) wish me luck! :)


    1. Yea Fida :D I am happy too ^_^ awesome! :) Keep it going girl :) You can do it! :)
      All the very best to you love :)

  3. Nice motivations to get everyone to excercise, you do a fine job of convincing people, ever thought of being a motivational speaker? :P

    1. Maila :D hehe :D that is what I do in my free time ;)

  4. Woww nice post :D But here I am badly trying to gain weight lolz :P Give me some motivation for eating

    1. Aaw Lancy :) I have never been in your position :o Will try making a helpful post :)

  5. Im making some progress in heqlth department...will keep u posted

    1. I would love to know what you are upto Opal :) Good luck! :)

  6. Please post your daily routine and excercise regime

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