Tuesday 10 July 2012

Being A Brainy Chic

Hello there! :)

I have recently, like very recently gotten hooked on to Pinterest, on boy! I am so addicted :D I have spent a whole evening pinning things :D You can find the widget in the right side bar :)

PS: I am keeping it free of any blog material - just the things I like and want to remember and be inspired :)

Now, lets move on the purpose of this post. A lot of you asked me via comments and mails to post on 'College wear'. I should have posted long ago, but I didn't want to just copy paste words and upload pictures. I need a proper guide for my own shopping too.So, after a lot of research and fashion-blog-stalking-s, here is the post.

Let me enlighten you *ahem* on a few things before I start off 8) I am a Bangalorean. The locality I stay in and my college is in such areas where hem lines above knee are a complete no no. Noodle straps, halter necks are next to impossible :| I did my 11th and 12th from a college where we had a shitty dress code - only salwars - no leggings+kurtis and crap like that. My present college doesn't have any formal laws, but skin show will totally put you in trouble and moral lectures for lecturers. This is the scenario in almost all colleges here in South India. And so, you won't see any shorts or skirts here in this post. I have tried to keep it stylish yet practical. If your institute gives you a liberty, all you have to do is add them to this list ;)

Also, I don't define my style as strictly anything. I wear all sorts of dresses - girly, tom boyish as well as neutral :D This should help you guys as I am including all possible options here :)

PS: I will be using pictures of Tanvi di *Di=elder sister, denotes respect* from The Fabulous Life Of Not-So-Rich & Infamous. Well okay, who DOESN'T know her?! Her's is one of the perfect fashion blogs out there.
I found her blog a few days ago, and am so addicted from then on. There is not a post I have missed from that day. I am trying to read EVERY SINGLE POST penned down by her till date, but I lose track from the Archives and end up following LinkWithin and get lost in the Oh-So-Many posts :D I have exchanged an email and a post on her FB wall, and trust me when I say this, I totally love her! Her posts are not just about fashion, she shares her thoughts with every post. I had never expected a reply from her to my stupid mail! But she did send me back such a sweet reply :) Tanvi di has become my strongest source of inspiration. Yes. She doesn't know me. I don't think she even remembers me *So-freakin'-many-admirers-of-her*, but she has no idea how much she inspires to do things. From fitness to life lessons to dedicated blogging :)
Di, if you ever read this :P, please do know I have tried my level best to make a teeny bit good post :) I wish I could be like you, some day, may be :)

OKAY! After the credits, lets totally move on to shopping now shall we? :)

Oh and PS again: I don't believe in brands when it comes to clothes and accessories, not until I earn my own money may be :P Kidding, I don't believe in brands. If I like something, and it doesn't have a label, I'll still buy it and wear.

*Phew! The lengthiest intro till date for any post ever blogged :D*

*Formal post begins here ;)*

 Basic colored tube tops - These will be very handy when it comes to variety and layering. You can wear a contrast colored tube top underneath a deep necked top.
Something like this:

Denims - Yes. They are your best friends. No. You don't have to stick with bloody boring blues and blacks. There are colored denims, printed denims and shredded denims. 

Too bold? Here, check this

See how she works a pair of printed denims + almost-neon

Printed denims are my favorite! They are stylish yet so comfortable. 

 Leggings - Believe me when I say this, they are a life saver. You can pair them up with kurtis, or wear an over sized shirt and add a contrast colored belt.
PS: When you opt for leggings, please make sure the length of the top is atleast till your mid thighs if you are on the heavier side. Leggings stick to your body and it looks real pathetic if worn with a short top.

She has perfectly toned legs, thus it looks so chic. 
Else it look like this 

I know I sound rude but really, I am tired of such sights :|

Kurtis - They are perfect when you have exams :D Or when you have your best friend visiting, you know what I mean. 

Excuse the lame picture, I found the kurti pretty pretty ;)

Shrugs - They make a world of difference. When in a conservative environment, this is your god. Wear anything - Halter neck, sweetheart neck line, noodle strap, spaghetti, a basic soul less t shirt, any goddamn thing, top it up with a pretty shrug and you are good to go! This makes sure none of your dresses go waste 8) 

See? They make ANY dress chic

These are the basics you'll need to build a sustaining wardrobe when on a budget. 

There are so many types of tops out there, I will never be able to list them all! 

Balloon top

These are some of the many I fond very pretty :) 

These are the western wears! 

If you have stupid dress codes like 'Only Salwars' or if you, like me, like wearing salwars, you might actually be lucky ;) You see, though the basic structure remains the same, salwars can be made in so so many different styles concerning neck type, the pant type, the sleeve, possibilities are endless ^_^ That is another reason I LURVE salwars :) 
PS: Ignore the lame pictures, I just want to show the variations. There are so freakin' many, your boutique will educate you if you are new to salwars. *Trust me, I know many :D*

I love how unique this is.Use a solid color instead add on contrast colored accessories for a sexy outfit! 

You might want to check out one of my OOTDs in a salwar here

OKAY! Now that was a looong post! I had plans of accessories, hair and make-up,mixing and matching, fabrics etc., but then I decided I'll make separate posts on them *Phew*

So, this is just what can be worn in a conservative college. You might want to visit tanvii.com for further inspiration until I post ;) 

Do let me know how you liked it! :) 

Suggestions and praise welcome ;)

Image sources:-
Images other than the ones belonging to tanvii.com have been Google-d. I don't claim any ownership.



  1. Thats such a nice and detailed post Namita. Loved going through it. :) I am basically from Orissa and like you my school and college also had this thing for skin show and We were not allowed too much focus on clothes n all.So we got stuck with Indian wear mostly till our 12th. Thankfully Architects are mad and we got to experiment during those 5 yrs. ;) Of course the no-skin-show rule was and is still there. :P

    1. Oh I get you! I don't understand the regulations here, but sometimes do they make sense :o I am getting to experiment too, FINALLY! :D Thank you! :)

  2. Wow. That's a nice detailed post :) lovely pics too.

  3. Nice blog! Would you like to follow each other? X

  4. Such a great post Namita :) I loved all your tips & pictures <3

  5. loved the post totally ! :)

  6. Great post..Me a Tanvi fan too:)

  7. Nice post. I survived engineering in nothing more than uniforms...we were not allowed color dresses. I used to accessorize my uniform to look chic and casual....though the lecturers were not much of a fan of my dangly earrings, cuffs and statement neck pieces:P

    1. Opal! :) Oh I died in uniforms in first year of college :\ I get to wear casuals have fun NOW! Finally! I understand how pathetic it would have been for you :* Aah I did the same too :P Thank you :)

  8. I didn't realise that some schools have such a strict rules! Around here, you can pretty much wear anything as long as you don't look like a hooker or something filthy like that :P

    1. Oh well its not like this everywhere here sweetie, many many cities don't bother anymore. Here in Bangalore too, there is the same scenario like you explained. But yes, restrictions are there where they are and are strong :|

  9. Good write up and very useful tips for many girls out there! Love it! Waiting for more babe! :))


    1. Thank you Fida! :* I am so glad it was useful :)

  10. Excuse me! How can u call "only-Indian-wear-dress-code" SHITTY??!! By the way, u should be thanking ur college as it is helping u to cover-up ur "FLAB"

    1. A thanks for your comment.I appreciate that you have taken your use-less time to create an account just so that you can comment here.I envy that time of yours :D *rolls eyes*

      Starting with (well you are excused ) "only-Indian-wear-dress-code" SHITTY. Its MY BLOG 8). Real One. Not Ujj or Ajj or, wait. Who cares what you are?! *smirks*

      BTW your patetic attempt to ruin my day is futile :) You may create a new name for blogger and comment.But yeah,have you heard about IP ADDRESS?? :O LOL! :D Dumbo, that remains the same.So I know who you are and I won't give a rat's ass to you. :( :D :| :)

      Now we don't want to share the real you with my world now, do we? :) :) :)


      Get real.

  11. Heya,
    Loved it....Yup my college too doesnt offer that much of freedom.I have temaed my wardrobe with kurtis and YUP its a life saver ;).....Thnks for the such a detailed post

    1. Supriya :) You were the first one that had asked :) Glad you liked it sweetie :)

  12. Thank you very much! :) I'll be there :)

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