Monday 23 July 2012

Back and Better

Hey there AllOfYouThatHasn'tForgottenMeYet! :D

Hola! Guess who is back? Yes 8) The Drama Queen is back. And who is doing better? Obviously, she is. And oh, you too! 8)

You missed me, didn't you? *Say yes and flatter me please :P*

I know :D I was supposed to be gone for 2 days and 2 days = 7 days in my language :D Muhahahaha :D

And oh, I had to leave earlier than planned, so I couldn't schedule posts :( :(

But I HAD THE BEST MOMENTS OF MY LIFE, AGAIN! :) :) :) *smiles more*

Aaaaahh! 8) Its like the 'Refresh' button of my life got hit. I am so rejuvenated, I feel so light ^_^ I did so much of shopping, learnt so many new recipes, and life lessons :)

I feel so so so good, effing good :D I actually wanted to wait and post the pictures too in the post, but I didn't click any. Beat that >.< There are few in my aunt's iPhone which I highly doubt getting any time soon. *pouts*

*Anyho, I'll post up my haul pictures next. Drool :P*

I have come back a better, calmer and handle-shitty-incidents-like-a-pro person 8) YAY ME! :D

Oh and I watched The Dark Knight Rises! 8) 8) Muhahaha! :D The fact that I did before he did is a huge accomplishment :P

I'll sign out for now, got to prepare yummilicious lunch 8) And my secret project has gotten a big push :D EEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :D

So, miss me till I click pictures and upload all the pictures you have GOT to see 8)

All the new followers, hearty welcome! :) *No, I am actually really very regular. Was on a vacation you see. Yes, I had a lil access to the mighty Internet, but chose not to blog. Yes. I took a break.*.Those of you that haven't joined in the celebrations, head to the right side bar! 8)



  1. Absolutely love your blog ^_^

    Follow each other?
    Follow me via GFC, Twitter and Facebook. And I will return the favor.

    Kindly let me know where all you are following and I will return the favor.

    Spread some love.


    1. Thank you Apurva! :) Sure, heading to your blog :)

  2. Welcome back! It's nice you enjoyed yourself.

  3. Great that you enjoyed yourself and was'nt The Dark Knight absolutely awesome???I loved it

    1. It was abso-fuckin-lutely awesome! I wanna watch again!

  4. Ahaha, good to see you back, I missed you :P That should have you smiling like a cheshire cat for now, oh wait, I forgot! You already are smiling pretty huge today. I want to go on vacation tooo :(

    1. LOL :D That made me grin :P Perfect description haha :D Aawwh hon, do go on a vacation, nothing refreshes more ^_^


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