Monday 23 July 2012

Introducing the Agony Aunt

Hello hello sweetums! :* :)

I am half asleep and half hyper-active *Can that happen? :o* as I type these words here :P My latest obsession has left me so very obsessed that I Think-About-IT-everywhere-every time :o Oh and I dream about my secrety secret project! *Scoot over, Mr.MyMan!* *Nope, not gonna tell you anytime soon 8) But wish me luck okay? Please?*

And that has so totally left me with huge dark circles :( I already suffer from dark circles and puffiness (from very recently) and a toll on my sleep has left my eyes look really sad and dull :| If you don't already know, I consider my eyes to be my bestest feature. *I do have good features over all though *ShamelessSelfObsessionNot! Whom am I kidding? I love me :D.....*beep beep beep beep* Madness ends, back to sanity* *That was my twin BTW, Shooo!*

Well OKAY! Now that my skin is behaving with the last traces of stubborn scars, my eyes look really ill :o I have never used a night cream or an under eye cream till date! My night skin is covered with acne medication.

I really need a good under eye cream that works. I want the dark circles and puffiness gone away :| My lifestyle has me in front of a computer screen for long hours. *Software Engineer in making. I am addicted to Pinterest. Oh and I blog too :) :D* The skin under my skin is REALLY like really sensitive. A lil irritation and I can feel rashes coming on :o

Why am I telling you all this? Cuz its interesting. Cuz I want you guys to suggest me a remedial product now! I read so many reviews on so many products, I can't decide what to buy :o
Here is where the Agony Aunt comes into picture :D

Starting from today, this section will feature questions from me, and also you guys if you want any suggestions and advices. As long as you don't ask me about HowToFixASmashedIntoPiecesPhoneScreen and HowToUncookMaggie, I am fine with all sorts of questions - Beauty, Skin care, hair care, gossip, nasty people excetra excetra.

I am starting with my own life threatening question. I asked above know? :P

I would be really really happy if you suggest me products that actually work, and oh, let it not be too pricey! Ya see, I ain't no millionaire. *Sigh*

Thank you :D



  1. Best stuff try sleeping early .. ahh well who m I kidding :p All Namita's are the same :D

    On a serious note :
    try ~ 1. Himalaya under eye cream 2. Blossom kochar almond sth sth under eye cream.

    and a namita can share her "secrety-secret" with another namita ? haina ? No?? >.< hmphhhh

    1. Aaaw Namita! :D Ya, I have read the Himalaya review on your blog ^_^ I might end up with it :P

      About the secrety secret, you almost convinced me to tell you haha :D But I am scared I'll jinx it if I let it out soon *Yup, i am mad that way :P* So yea, wait and watch 8) :D :* Thank you Gorgeous! :)

  2. Babe, good luck on you secrety secret project!
    Well, I'm also facing this dark circle problem.. but I notice it is reducing recently :)) hehehe.. I'm not using any eye cream but I'm drinking plenty of water.. a lot more than before.. I'm not sure if this is the reason but you can try! :))

    1. Thank you Fida! :* I already drink enough water :o I think I need more skin care :O Thank you anyway babe! :)

  3. Sorry to hear about your skin,I have very sensitive skin and most products make my skin react,Sorry I cant help you,I dont know of any good night creams,but I will definately be stopping by again to find out of you have found one,as I could do with it too!
    I love this idea of your agony aunt feature,its going to be a good read!
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for following,and of course Im following your blog too195.
    Hope your having a lovely day x

    1. Its OK Kayleigh! :) You are very sweet :) Awwh thank you :)
      You have a wonderful blog sweetie :)
      Do visit again, I'll keep spamming your blog too ;)
      Namita <3

  4. Aroma Magic Undereye gel/ very well for me


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