Sunday 24 June 2012

Viviana Nail Lacquers Review + A simple nail art

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Now before I start ranting talk mindlessly update you guys on nothing let us get on today's review :)
Viviana has a experience of over 3 decades in the industry :)
They have a multitude of products like moisturizing lotion, pressed powder, lipsticks, eye liners, face washes, sunblocks and much more :)

You can find the website here.
Also, contact them on Facebook here.

Product: Viviana Nail Lacquer
Brand: Viviana
Shades I got: VNL001 Eco Cool and VFM001 Snow White 
There are so many other shades, find them here :)

Quantity: 8 ml
Cost: Rs.129/- (According to the website)

What does the company claim?
A perfect Gliding Application for a professional fashion-show finish! A product characterised by QUICK DRYING formulae. 
Viviana™ Nail Lacquer provides a Long Lasting Extra Gloss finish. The special formulae, ensures a perfect 
adherence along with Constant Viscosity and an Incredible Smoothness.

  • Tolune & D.B.P. Free.
  • Longer Shelf Life.
  • Color Fast.
  • Easier Application Long Wears Higher Gloss.
  • Significant Ressitant To Water.
  • More Constant Viscosity.

The polishes come in standard nail paint package - rectangular base with a black plastic covering. The brush is long with long bristles. The bristles are of good quality - no streaky application :) 

Eco cool is a pretty leaf green color and snow white is the perfect pure white :) 

Both the nail polishes are quite runny. You need to get a hang on them to apply them without any dripping. Initially I thought I hadn't 'shaken' the bottle enough.But no, every time you dip in the brush, it picks up a lot of product. You got to slide it on to the opening of the bottle and put back the excess. 

Eco cool is sort of translucent on first coat. 

A second coat gives a opaque finish :)
I wanted to check how the white would fare on a dark color. Thus the polka dots and the stripes.
And what happened?
See for yourself :)

YAY! :) White remained white and did not turn to a dim green. *Don't you hate it when it happens and ruins your nail art?*

I have been wearing them from almost 5 days and there is zero chipping. Impressive :)

The one thing I can't stand about these is the odour. Godawful chemical smell. Yuck. Though it vanishes after the polish dries, its not something I would like to experience.

Except for the runny texture which can get mighty annoying when you start with, and the odour, these nail lacquers are worth a shot :)
They have a lot of shades to choose from, have an impressive staying power and are economical. These bottles will last me a long time ^_^ 

Image sources:-
Links lead to Viviana website and FB page.
All images are mine.

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So have you guys used these? Liked? Loathed? 

Shoot a comment, or two ^_^


PS: The products have been sent by the company for the review purposes.It hasn't affected my review. Hand on heart 


  1. love the green one.But could hav been little thick.

    1. Oh the green one is pretty :) Thicker would make it chip sooner, so I didn't :)

  2. I loved ur nail art :) The vertical stripes and polka dots are super cute..

  3. Oh so this is the one we were talking about the other day..nice attempt and good result :)

  4. nice nail art dear :) but ya me too hates the chemical smell of certain nail polishes..

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  5. You do Damn pretty NAIL ART :D heya How are you?? Zero chippness I must check these out :D

    1. Haha this is nothing! There are so many talented bloggers :) I am good ya how you?
      Sure do, it still hasn't chipped ^_^

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. first off i lub cheesecakes as
    well ♥..especially blueberry
    cheesecake....coming to revu
    i love eco cool..very pretty
    leafy shade.,how did u
    mange to draw such precise
    lines?? I never can :
    (....... ......pls support my entry
    by dropping a comment
    here :) http://

    1. YAY! us ;) I used tooth picks ;) And these aren't much precise!
      Oh sure, I'll vote :)

  8. amazing work u did, I so suck at nail art. Tried but totally bombed

    love the colours and what u did

    1. Aww I am hardly an artist! :D
      Thanks ayway :)
      You might want to start with polka dots, they are super easy and mighty pretty :)

  9. Nice blog,with all kind of info.
    Funny nails.:)
    I wonder if you would like to follow each other : ).


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