Sunday 17 June 2012

Oriflame Pure Color Pressed Powder Review

Hello my Pumpkins! :D

Mmwaahh! :) Thank you for the amazing response to my giveaway. I have been smiling non-stop from last afternoon :)
But I did find a few errors in the entries, and I have mailed you guys about that. But as the number of entries increases, I am afraid I won't be able to keep you guys updated via emails. Please read the entries properly and enter them. In case there is an error, leave a comment or mail me :)

Moving on to the review, this pressed powder is officially my first compact :P Yea, my super awesome mom gave it as a gift, thanks to my grades ;)
I have worn it more than thrice till date in different circumstances and its time to share my opinion. *Whoa! I sound so polite :P*

Product: Pure Color Pressed Powder
Brand: Oriflame
Range: Pure Color
Cost: Rs.159/- (Discuss with your consultant for current price and discounts ;))
Quantity: 20 g/0.6 oz
Code: 23208
Other variants: 23209 - Quite darker than 23208
Ingredients: Talc, Kaolin, Zinc stearate, Isopropyl Palmitate, Parfum (?! I am taking that to be fragrance :P), Methylparaben, Propylparaben, CI 77492, CI 77891, CI 77499
Shelf life : 3 years

What does Oriflame claim?
"Extra smooth, fragranced pressed powder for everyday use. Light shade."

The pressed powder comes in this regular packaging with a mirror on the inside of the cover. Nothing extra-ordinary -- a transparent cover the covered the powder, a thin applicator. The applicator is outright useless. It picks up a LOT of product and it ain't fluffy enough. A lil care is necessary so as to not cake on too much product. But the mirror is handy for touch-ups all through the day :)

Now that I am almost free of acne, I am left back with scars. They are sort of noticable, especially on the cheeks. So, instead of going zombie with just moisturizer + sunscreen, I am using moisturizer,  tinted moisturizer and topping with this powder for an almost flawless finish. The best part of this compact is it conceals appreciably :) Except for the bumps, it conceals most of my old, fading scars. 

Also, it keeps my T-zone oil free for a good 5 hours, which is honestly awesome! So good that I don't need any touch-ups. I neither sweat in the upper lip area on application. (Most compact-like products make me sweat there :\) 

I have not broken out either. The powder smells yumm ^_^ Relaxing :) 

What me no like?
Some of you might have a problem with the parabens. I also wish there was a better applicator. That lil thing though looks cute, it sucks. 
That is it. No other complaints.

Its a decent compact for everyday use, travel friendly, has a built in mirror for easy touch-ups and is easy on pocket,easily available through Oriflame consultants :)

How do you like it? Lemme know! :)

EDIT: PS: I made this for daddy, forgot to add before :| What did you do for Father's Day? :)



  1. interesting, must try this compact some time. For father's day, i wished my dad on the 14th lol thinking that was D day. so i get to wish him again. am sure your dad will be mighty pleased with your effort today :) tc, sweety.

    1. Do try and lemme know :)
      Awww more wishes are always welcome :)
      Yup he was :)
      Thank you CC :)

  2. Hey nice review...i m thinking about trying this now :D.....n the gist is TOO PRETTY your dad must have loved it...can u tell me how did you made it :)
    Love Piya <3

    1. Yeah do try and lemme know :) Haha ya, he loved it :)
      Oh its nothing big! Just regular print outs and some art work :)
      I'll soon do a DIY poster, you can follow same method :)

  3. hey nice review... would love to try this one out!! :) i took my Dad out for a surprise Lunch!! he was so happy i must say!! :)

    u have a nice Blog!! :))

    1. Thank you sweetie :)
      Aaww that is so cute! I'll take my dad next year may be ;)
      Thanks again :)

  4. i like this one . i m going to repurchase it . sadly it doesnt have spf . it would have been fantabulous then . following you back!

    1. Oh ya, it doesn't have spf :| Thank you hon :)

  5. is it good for parties??

    1. Hey Cute Angel, I am sorry about the late reply! For parties, if you want a matte look, ya it gives you that. Controls oil and gives a good finish. If you want a glossier finish, there are better ones in the market :) Hope that helped! :)


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