Tuesday 19 June 2012

You? Hey you? Yes, you!

Hola! :)

Its a beautiful weather here in Bangalore :) I swear, I have been craving for  this. So cold, so chilly aaah! I am relishing a hot mug of Maggi ^_^ Finally, pampering myself. The madness of the 'tragedy' (hah!) hadn't let me unwind >.< I Fi.Nah.Ly. am :D Oiled my hair (yumm almond oil!), removed ALL the traces of chipped nail polish, put on a lot of moisturizer and catching up with blogs :) Sitting by the window, the breeze, with nothing letting nothing bog me :) Life is bliss :)

With the calm intro, let me get into today's topic. I have dealt with a face of this topic before, let me dwell into the core of it.

PS: I will be sharing my views ONLY pertaining to 'supposedly over weight'-ism, where you hate your body on daily basis. Skinny people who are healthy, no offence intended. I equally respect your views. I might come across as 'rude' at some places, but I am just making an attempt to put across my views in a better way. Lets not create a dispute over that! :) 

Getting back on track, I have been wanting to write on this topic from days, but never got the time to collect proper photos after Google-ing and all :) 

Well, every time you pass huge glass windows,doors, car shields for that matter, what do you do? Except from finger-setting your hair and checking out the fade-o-meter of that lipstick?

How many of you are battling fat? How many of you consider yourself 'over weight'? Skip meals? Intake substitutes? Laxatives? How many of you say NO to the cheesecake because you are on a diet, quite for eternity?  

All of you that said 'ME!', are you doing all these to really lose the unhealthy weight, or to fit into the bill of 'healthy weight range'?
I have this annoying friend. Yes. Annoying it is. She is tall and fit. Nothing near to petite. She has a toned body. Yet, she is bulky. She is not 'dainty' and 'delicate', in her words. Why, for the Love of God do you want to be DAINTY, lady? She hates her body, sweats her ass off in the gym, doesn't even look at junk (she doesn't get cravings or what, Lord knows) and is eternally complaining about her body. "Aahh my arms are so flabby!" "I can never fit into that S size dress". Yes, you can't because you are not an S. You are an M. Or L. Or XL. Or XXL. Or free size. As long as you are healthy and NOT obese, its OK. 
Finding your own reflection in her? Read on.

Recently, I read on a website which was focusing on the corporate world's part in this mad run for 'fitness'. Boy! It is absolutely true.

Why are we even listening to some brand, some company on how we should look? What we should wear? What size we should be? How many inches the bust should measure? What is fat-ass? Why?

Remember when you were a kid, you were never called fat. You were called chubby. 'Golu' was out of sheer affection. (Non-Hindi-ians, golu = chubby, fat in an adorable way)

And now, you are 'fat'? Why don't we send all the kids to gym? Lets deny them chocolates and pastries. Who wants to see them smear their cutey mouths with chocolate syrup? Why don't we put them on diet? 
Hearless much? No. If this is heartless, then you are heartless too. You NEVER do such things to a baby because you love her. 
And will post such rules on yourself and follow them up to the point where you become a perfectionist. Why? Because, you don't love yourself.
No. Make-up hauls, shopping hauls and treating to a spa once in a while is not loving yourself. Its just a Refresh button for your system. Its like giving a small break before you get on to the daily I Hate You campaign again.

So you say, what do I do now? 

1. Love yourself.
Its not something you can achieve overnight. You can't do it in one go. Infact, I don't love myself 100%. 
Start with baby steps. 

Love your body. Yes. Now. Why?

So what if you are not a size zero? 

She is a 'plus' size model. Smokin' hot. 
She has curves. Real curves. 

Stop criticizing yourself day in and day out. If you are healthy, have stamina, and a figure to kill for, why the mad rush? 
Workout, for a toned body. Not to lose that 'fat'. That 'fat' is what gives you your curves.

Real men go for meat, dogs go for bones.

Feel beautiful.

That is sexy. Fuckin' sexy. 

 Your measurements should not judge your body. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking that not being a specific size is not being gorgeous. 
Women come in different sizes and shapes. 
Love what you are in.
Because, you are one of the women who create the different sizes and shapes.

You might mighty please your boyfriend, potential husband or whomever you are trying to impress, but at the end of the day, if you don't love yourself, no one will love you. Period.

The more you love yourself and accept every thing about you, the more you'll feel good. Would you want to be with someone who constantly nags you? Criticizes you? No, right?
Then be your own best friend. Love the way you are.

Give a try today and feel the goodness! You'll love it :)

I swear by this! :)

PS: The post got a lil picture heavy. I found these pictures expressing exactly what I wanted to. All the images have been Google-d. I don't claim any ownership.

Read this for similar views :) 



  1. I just Loved your post :D but my problem is that i wanna GAIN weight PROPERLY....And i had the same thought today, why should we all hate the way we are...so i did little pampering to myself you know some facial at a good looking parlour :P and the last pic is just PERFECT....your posts are just to good ....btw I wanted to request you you about a post can I??

    1. Oh! :) Well if you need to, go ahead :) Its your body, treat it right :)
      Thank you very much :)
      Well the picture doesn't belong to me, you can find the source website in the picture itself!
      Sure girl, what is it? :) I'll try my best :)

    2. Well SE i mean second year of Engg is there now, i wanted to revamp my wardrobe i just dont know how to do it and how to choose right kind of clothes or what are the essentials for college wear you that kind of stuff...please help me or rather could you make a post about it....i always end up getting wrong clothes :(...i want to change this now

    3. Well Supriya, I myself am not that big a fashionista :P I will be revamping my wardrobe in a while, will surely put up posts :) Let me tell you though, I don't follow trends. If I like something and am comfortable in it, I wear it :o So yea, you can expect posts on those in a couple of weeks :)

  2. I loved this post. Speaks out what many of the girls face out there.

    I've written many posts on this too!




    1. Thank you Sonshu, yea I have read a few and loved em! :)
      I'll check the new post! :)

  3. *Clap* *Clap*
    very well written. I dislike those girls who keep measuring every gram they gain or loose.. I mean they have to use their brain at time no?? As far as you are healthy, energetic and wise (really very imp) It doen't matter how much you weigh.
    I am slightly on the chubby side but I love it :) I am healthy and I hit the gym daily cos I love it and I never give a damn to the weighing scale :) Also weight depends on body structure which unfortunately allot of girls do not understand (or they cease to ? ).

    1. For a second, I thought, 'When I did I change my profile picture :o' :P
      Thank you Namita :) Exactly my point!
      Me too :) Its OK to lose weight if you are overweight, not cuz you don't like the way you look even being healthy :\

    2. LOL !! I too felt the same when I saw ur comment on some blog :)

    3. :P This will keep happening ;)

  4. You have a really good point! But still I feel upset if I see I've gained weight. I just think I only gain weight on my thighs and nowhere else and it makes me feel seriously uncomfortable with that. But yeah, I live healthy so I shouldn't be ashamed of myself :)

    1. Well Eline I get upset too! Infact, I am still working out to get to my healthy weight. I gain weight uniformly and lose uniformly, so I am a happy girl :) Aaww yea, as long as you are healthy, its not an issue :)

  5. Good topic babe! For me, you need to have your ideal weight (based on BMI) and it doesn't mean skinny.. as long as you're healthy, eat balance diet, avoid oily food and eat more veges and fruits and exercise regularly.. meaning you're in a good shape!
    But for those who are TOO concern about your weight and wanted to be skinny, it's ok as long as you lose it in a healthy way.. at the end, it is what you want and what makes you happy! :))
    Love yourself before expect others to love you.. :))


    1. Yeah Fida exactly!
      I wish more people understood it :|
      IKR?! If you don't love yourself, who will love you?!
      Thank you sweetie :*

  6. I am in that phase of life where every relative I meet, comment on my weight...thanks to after marriage bliss...The comments kinda make me panicky. My brother tells everyone not to comment on my weight as its my sensitive spoT. i HATE THE FACT THAT AFTER COMMENTING "ooooh you have gained so much weight" the person adds "But it's ok". You expect me to believe that?. Shoot!!!.
    PS:Well I gained 4 KGS after marriage and its not a nice feeling to know your dresses don't fit:(

    1. Oh screw the relatives! You.Just.Can't.Stop.Them :|
      Aaww never mind hon, you can always hit the gym if you got to be healthy :)
      Goood luck! :)

  7. If you raise a human along with chimps isolated from humans many years of his/her life and allow them back into society.. They will find Chimpz sexier!!

    My point here is..... We believe what we see...and accept it as reality and the laws of lifestyle!!

    Men and women will like each other for many physical biological and psychology needs, and cycle of life continues

    On the other hand the behavior/likes/dislikes of humans can be manipulated easily. Example You never heard Justin/Rebecaa/Kristen Stewart and you are made to listen to their music or watch there performance.. there is a large possibility you may actually like them,but this can be altered just by tell you ""they are the worst and most hated :/" before you watch and the entire dynamics changes.....

    If the Ramps where to be walked by ladies with facial hairs/lager body fat percentage/clear skin for decades, we might not have these many fashion related brands.....and a conversion of Fat or not.

    In the pursuit of pursing others to like us....we are losing what we are and what we need....

    1. The source of all my wisdom is here :)
      Need I say more?
      So glad you commented here, my man! :*
      Thank you very much :) :)
      May be I'll take a print it out and stick! :)

  8. Omg!...i absolutely love this post...sharing it on fb :)..ive recently come across ur blog n i must say ive absolutelty fallen in love with it..ur views d way u talk its all cool..n d best part is u dont "try" to be cool..im fallin in love with u :p err i mean ur blog :p..coming back to the topic..im nt as crazy as ur frnd well mostly cuz i cn nvr hav zeal to diet i rather work my ass off..n ya i do wanna lose a few kgs to fit in tht pair of hotpants like i used to!..its this image of thin n "sexy" that has been instilled in us by these brands..uve definitely MADE me look at my body in a difFerent way :)..THANKS!

    1. Aawwww lee.b (you 've a very sweet name) ^_^ Thank you very very much! :) You made my day, really :) Going by your display picture, you look perfectly healthy and fit :)
      Thanks a lot! :)

    2. awwwwieee thanks :*..d credit goes to THE boo lol..ha ha wait till i shw u d junk in d trunk :p..anyways thanks..glad the truth didnt hurt someone for a change :)

  9. You know Namita.. this was the best thing I could read early in the morning.. what a confidence booster. I love the spirit in which it is written. Every fuckin' word and the pictures :) I am not a plus size but I am not a size zero.. I just aim to be fit and loose all the unwanted fat I have in my body. Love the post Girl! You go

    Thank you so much for stopping by. You have a reader in me now :) Stay in touch!

    1. Hey Shruti :) Thanks gurl :) I am so glad it made you feel good :)
      Aaw anytime, loved your latest post :)

  10. Hiii just discovered u babe! ur posts are so touchy
    www.fashion0beauty.blogspot.in check mi out too :)

    happieee monsoon!!!

    1. Hey thank you Jeremiah :) Sure, I'll be there :)
      Happy Blogging :)

  11. Fabulous post, you are awesome! And thanks so much for the comment on my blog :)


  12. Beautifully written .. I am way underweight! I work hard to gain some kgs ...


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