Friday 25 May 2012

Here it is! :)

Hello Pumpkins! :)

Saw the new template? THE HEADER? Weeee I am super excited :D So far, its my best creation :P *Well I have done only two till date including this one :P*
I had done this before:

Sorta not my type :o Its so gloomy :|

And some how didn't like this :o
And then, I did this and I am honestly liking it :D Its nice know? *Temme yes okay?*

I still have to make picture buttons for Facebook, BlogLovin and Twitter, will do later :P

You see I have a Chemistry exam tomorrow. I love Chemistry :). Its easy and makes sense to me unlike Maths. Also, I might use it someday in life . May be in kitchen?! :P Or my cosmetics' ingredients 8)
All in all I am happy 8)

Oh and I wanted to know! I want to move all the awards and giveaways to a seperate page .The home page will be a lil more neater. What say? Is it OK to move the giveaways from side bar? Do lemme know :)

What do you think? Got suggestions? Comment comment comment! :D



  1. very nice dear..all d best for ur exams !!

  2. once i thought of removing the giveaway links from sidebar..but found many of the opinion to place them in the sidebar, as it gives a better visibility to your readers n more chance to click upon ! so dropped the idea of a separate page (but i so wish tooo)

    1. Umm that is there. May be I'll just move the awards into a different page :) Thank you for the suggestion di :)
      Namita <3

  3. I really like it! :D it's super cute.


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