Thursday 24 May 2012

The Last Rant

Hello my VanillaPastries! :D

No no, I am not shutting my blog down :P Just that I am not gonna rant anymore.

Oh wait, you don't know about the ramblings going in my mind right now know?

OK! So this is thing. You all know I have screwed up the blog template :P I am just home after my exam and will spend the next few hours making it all new - the template. I am gonna make some lot of changes with respect to x  WHAT THE FUCK HAS GOTTEN IN TO ME? THAT WAS A LINE FROM A MATH PROOF! *SIGHHHH*

So I am gonna make a lot of changes concerning the way the blog looks -- nope, I ain't gonna let out what I am gonna do :P Cuz I donno yet.

I noticed my 'Labels' and found 'Me' having maximum posts. Eww! Have I ranted that VERY much?! So until June 30th, no rant posts, no personal cribbing. Lots of product reviews, book reviews and more interesting topics :) It my Rant No Rant Challenge 8) You can join if you want 8) *Its not lame okay?*

So in the next few hours if you find my blog looking ultra messed, don't worry, but please put up with it. I'll be working on the template. Muhahahaa :D *Evil laughter*

Miss me till then :*



  1. Replies
    1. Aaww :* I won't stop ranting :P It runs in my blood :D
      Namita <3


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