Sunday 22 April 2012

Back with a Rant!

Hello my Cheese Burgers! *Yes, I have officially ran out of sweet namecalls :P*

Finally I got my internet connection back on last Thursday. I had gotten my life back, and then my brother decided to play devil. He screwed up the mouse and broke its socket pins :@ OMFG! Mommy dearest bought a new one yesterday and at last here I am back to blogging :D *Happy dance YAY!*

Why not start with rants that run past 10 days? Oh yeah, its gonna be HUGE post 8)

What happened in my life? Well life happened. I learnt a lot of lessons. Academically too. My exams happened. Except for one paper that went horribly terribly awfully pathetically bad, rest went uber awesome :D *I rock! :D*
I fell into the awful thought loops and discovered more of me. I worry a lot about what people think of my actions. I mean I always wonder how my actions will affect others. The ones that matter to me. And understood that its not the same with everyone. Yes. If we don't matter to someone, they needn't matter to us anymore :) 
If you are someone's option, don't make them your priority :) 

In the search to feel better, I stumbled upon many quotes that explain life is few words. Wanna know them? :)

  • Don’t walk away from negative people...RUN! Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you.
  • Sometimes we got to be rude and mean, just to show we can.
  • Truth is expensive. It shouldn't be expected from cheap people.
  • Life gets so much simpler and easier when you decide not to care..! :) 
  • Some people are like clouds.When they disappear, its a brighter day :P 
  • Don't spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door --The Gospel According to Coco Chanel 

Also some funny and some pleasant images :)

Haha :D


Weather has gotten nice here :D Most evenings are cool and cloudy. I have a date with mom this evening ;) Some much needed shopping + junk food. You see now that I am working out regularly and getting hotter by day *ahem* , I don't feel guilty over junk anymore :) I just reduce the quantities :) I know this post started with a  direction and is heading towards another, but that is how my mindset is right now. I am happy and upbeat for a while and gloomy and sunken next. ARGH! My insanity >.< 

Anyho, that is for now. I'll get back to reading all the missed posts and replying to your wonderful comments :) 

Wassssupp? ;)

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  1. good that ur back lady..and don't worry these kind things happens with all of us! it's just a 'phase' ;)

  2. you two guys are cute :) all the best and fights are best part of the relationship so enjoy them :) one day you will yourself feel that how silly both of you have been!!!

  3. I'm so happy that you're back babe! Fights make our relationship even better.. so don't worry and enjoy it!
    p/s: I like that -and just a pinch of..oops- picture.. lolz..

  4. I love reading ur blogs..the way u write n the stuff u write,i like it all..
    U two look cute together..
    and fights..don' ask me,I had a WAR yesterday ;)

  5. @Pooja: YAY! :) Ikr?! I am better now :)

    @Swati: Thank you thank you :)LOL yeah :)

    @Fida: You make me feel so good :D Hahaha thank you love :*

    @Budget Belleza: Aawww thank you so much sweetie :D YAY for you! ;) Really? I love wars ;)

    Namita <3

  6. Yay!!you are back:)...and lovely lovely quotes...We usually don't fight's just 'ME' who fight:P...and then forget it the next day I wake up:)...


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