Wednesday 25 April 2012

Though Summer Is Here + Another Blog Award!

Hello my Peppermints! :D *Yes, you 8)*
How many of you liked the new Gems advertisement? Ekala Pikala Ping Ping? :D I am obsessed with it :D Very silly, catchy yet funny ;) Here you go! 

Oh wait, did I mention? I have a holiday today. EEEEEEEEEEEP! :D After all the exam saga, learn lessons saga, a much deserved holiday :) Also, I took two important decisions of my life yesterday :) One about my personal life, and the other about my academics :) And yes, I am very happy that I have stood up for myself.

Remember I went shopping with mom? I bought four pairs of earrings and a nail paint 8) 

Lemme review the polish for you :)

Product: Nail Polish
Brand: VOV
Cost: Rs.20/-
Label: It has no name :| They call it 159 

This nail color was my love at first sight *sigh* Its the perfect purple. It gives on a slightly transparent shade on one coat and perfect opaqueness with second coat. Dries relatively faster and hasn't chipped yet. The shade aint showing any signs of chipping too :P It glides smooth on the nails and hasn't left any coloration :) Overall, I love this cuteheart :D Though its not your regular summer color, I say if you want it, you wear it 8) 
(Picasa is acting up, couldn't add my URL :P Miss typing it :o)
(Oh and this post was to be posted yesterday, but thanks to Picasa again, I couldn't :| Today's post coming up in a while)

In other news, the very sweet Puja Malhotra from Cute Nails very generously awarded me the 'One Lovely Blog Award' :D Here it is! :) 
Thank you very much Pooja :)
Now the rules say :
List 7 things about yourself
Pass on the award to 15 other bloggers 

The 7 things about me :o I have no idea what all I have 'fact-ed' about me till date, so yeah, pardon the repetitions :P *I am a very boring person you see *ahem**

1. I have recently and finally developed a fetish for gold jewellery ^_^ *SIGHH!!!* 
2. Diamonds have been my love since eternity.
3. Though I am very friendly, sweet and approachable *cough* *ahem*, I can get cocky :) *OK sssshh now, don't let others know ;)*
4. I have always loved the concept of marriages ^_^ They are just so wonderful :)
5. My dad says I have huge ego and self respect, too much to be any good. Errrr may be?!
6. Though I don't have any elders brothers related by blood, I have tons of adopted ones :P *read my seniors, his friends etc* and I freakin' love them! :D *Are you listening Kaushal? You HAVE to re-start reading my blog now ;) :**
7. I am so happy and relieved after making-up sharing 7 facts about me :P

Now passing it on! 

In no particular order:

Sukanya from 'few unnessary stuff'
Aditi from 'Budget Belleza'
Samyukta from 'I Simply Love Makeup'
Ms.Nyx from 'Bak Bak Queen'
Surabhi from 'The Eternal Voice of my Mind'
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Pooja from 'Beauty, Brains and Brawns'
Riddhi from 'Sugar, Spice and all that's nice'
Nitika from 'The Shopoholic Diaries'
Chandana from 'The Girl At The First Avenue'
Opal from 'Girl with a pearl earring'
Swati from 'Perfect Skin Care for You'
Bhumika from 'New Love - Makeup'

PHEW! There are so many fantastic blogs out there, and so lil numbers to pass on to :( 

You like purple? You no like? Lemme know OK? :)

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All the images are mine.



  1. Hi!
    congrats on the award :)
    I've just discovered your lovely blog!
    I'd love you to visit mine and follow if you like it ;)
    kisses from Spain,

  2. Went through a purple patch months before...even my engagement Saree was your nail polish...try lighter tones of purple too...there are so many delish shades of purple/violet out there and yeah thank you for passing me this award *Takes a bow* (Namita Style) ...:P

  3. Congrats for the award! and thank you so much for passing me the award! again! what else can I say? I love you! You're the BEST!!
    p/s: I love that purple!!

  4. @Sugar Lane: Thank you :) Sure sweetie, I'll be there ;)

    @Opal: Awww :D Do a blog post on saree know?! I freakin' love sarees ^_^ Anytime love :* *returns bow* ;)

    @Fida: Thank you babe :* Aah you are the sweetest :D I love purple too :D

    Namita <3


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