Friday 23 March 2012

New Year is here :)

Hello my Patakas! :D

TGIF mode yeah? :P Haawww for you :P You know something? I had a holiday today! 8) I have a holiday tomorrow too. So that is a 3 day long weekend! *Woot* :D

You guys know about today's festival? Ugadi? :) It is the New Year for the deccan region, celebrated with lot joy in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh :) Many other states celebrate this day with other names too, but I'll focus on celebrations here :)

Ugadi means Beginning of a new Era. Uga = Era and Adi = Beginning :) This day officially marks the beginning of a new Samvatsar (Year) and this year is Nandan Samvatsar :) 

No specific god is buttered on Ugadi :P Its a day of lot fun, yummy meals and family get toghether :) And yes. People shop, buy new clothes :D 

I had an AMAZING day..!! :D *YAYYEEEE!!!* My granny and mom prepared super yumm lunch :D I have eaten so much, I feel like a Rolly-Polly-Dolly! 8) *No regrets though ;)*

And my second OOTD is here :D This evening I buttered my lil sis to click my pictures, and she very kindly obliged *After me clicking 45655767363465466 pictures of hers >.<*

PS: Picture heavy post ahead 8)

Yes! :D I got a salwar kameez stitched 8) Its been very long I wore these beauties, and loved it today :) 

Posey Posey Pose! :D My favourite picture of the lot :D

The neck design :) The pyjama material has been cut and stitched here with a pattern. Looks
much more fab with contrasting colors :) 

The sleeve :) Buff/ballooon pattern :) My all time favourite it is :P Hides flabby arms, and gives a very nice feminine look to the whole attire 8) I feel so girly with this sleeve LOL! :D

Posing like I own 8) Yes, I do own the terrace. Oh no wait, my dad owns it :P

All the fooling around in the world :D

:D *all smiles*

Haha :D I am sort of obsessed with both the corner pictures :D and the middle one too ;)

Oh and whatz on my face? :)

On my eyes: Lakme Eye Liner, Oriflame Kajal and Mascara
On my lips: Oriflame Dare to Be Lip stain in Raspberry

I have lost 3 kilograms btw :D *Happy Dance* And did I tell you, I haven't been working out regularly :( Still the weight loss is 'obvious' it seems :o Mom told :o Really? :o 

So guys, how did you like it? :) Or hated it?  *Oh please don't :( :P*

Lemme know :)



  1. For sure liked it !! Th color is perfect for spring. And i love traditional attires :D

  2. aww Namita..u look so cute..*woogly voogly woosh* <3 hpy ugadi :)

  3. Yay!!! Happy that u featured salwar kameez...I wear em on regular basis and doing an ootd post with em seemed boring. There u did it girl and u look pretty and good in it.. We mallus celebrate new year on April 14 and its called VISHU!!!and no it was not a holiday on Friday

  4. U luk pretty as usual!! BTW i like puff sleaves too!!

  5. Lovely dress <3 You look so pretty!

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  6. Happy Ugadi darling.. You look fabulous babe!!

  7. Thanks for the sweet comment, I'm following you back :)
    Oh, and I like it! Haha, the print on the dress is so cool too.
    Plus, congrats on the weight loss! Keep it up :D

    Trendy Teal

  8. I love wearing salwar-kameez..I would feature it on my blog soon.
    In Punjab..13th April..marks the new year..and we too have the same round of yummy food, celebrations and ofcourse dressing :P
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your lovely comment. I am glad you liked my post. Namita you can locate me in your followers as Agam..I hope you follow me back now!! Please do visit me again :)

  9. Wow, that's amazing you shed some weight
    with doing exercise! How did you do that? Share.

    P.S. Thank you so much for following, love!
    I'm now following you back on GFC; #75 follower.
    Looking forward to see you again on my blog.

    HAppy Sunday!

  10. You look lovely in this attire love!! <3 Absolutely ravishing. ;) And well, i did not know you call it Ugadi. Since i am a Maharashtrian, we people call it Gudi Padwa! <3 Even i had loads to eat that day!! Yummy delicacies. Courtesy -- My mum. :) Aren't mothers just fabulous?? <3 Wonderful OOTD post!! I wonder when will i get a chance to post my OOTD. I have so busy with preparations for my exams that i haven't even stepped out of home.. :( Anyway, Happy New Year my favorite blogger!!


  11. @Mukta: Thank you so much! :) I love traditional attires too :D

    @few unnecessary stuff: Aaww thank you sweetheart *blushes* :D

    @Opal: Thank you so much love :) Salwar kameez is so comfortable! ^_^ Though I prefer my casuals for regular basis, salwars make me girly :P Really? Advanced Happy New Year to you :D LOL! I had holiday 8) :P

    @Vanu: Thank you sweetie :* :)

    @NaNa: Aaww thank you so much :)

    @Fida Bosu: Thank you thank you hon :* :)

    @Well...: Glad you are following me back :) Haha thank you! :) YAY! Weight loss is such a happy news ;)

    @Agam: Oh please do :) Wonderful :) India has so many festivals know?! Anytime :) I am already following you back sweetie :) Keep posting :) And keep visiting me ;)

    @Mom Fashion World: Oh ya, its happy news! ^_^ I have no idea, probably avoiding junk has done the magic ;) Oh you have a wonderful blog babe, Mr.Freddy is the cutest! :) Thank you for following me :)

    @Butterfly: *blushes* Why do you have to be so sweet always? :* Thank you so much! :) Moms are the best *slurrrp* ;)Aah get done with the exams and you'll have all the time in the world :)Good luck with exams sweetheart :) And thanks again :)

    Namita <3

  12. you are looking lovely.................

  13. Aawww thank you :)
    Namita <3


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