Thursday 22 March 2012

Garnier Body Cocoon Review

Hello my AwesomeBlossoms! :D *See? I am getting creative with cute names now ;)*

What do you do when you have don't have dry skin? You yap off in front of your bestie's arid skin. What do you do when you develop a very-very-lil-dry-ish patch?You use your mom's Himalaya Moisteriser. What do you do when you can't stand its pathetic medicinal odour? You curse Karma. And then do some online research and bring home Garnier Body Cocoon. 
Moral of the story: Don't yap off. Karma is a bitch.

Yup yup, my story :( :D Except for my beloved oil mines habitating on my face, my skin is usually well behaved. The VERY cold winters make my skin burn :o *Well that happens to everyone :o* Else, I have always had a good skin. But this winter, my skin decided to play troublesome teenager. *No offence kids :D* It went a lil dry, and I din't care. *Hmph! My oil mines will take care 8)* But nope, they had gone into hibernation too :o Soon I started shedding skin, *gross I know :P* and resorted to using Himalaya Moisturizer. Mumma's. And hated it. It does a good work of moisterising, but Christ! I can't stand the smell. So medicine like. I feel like a walking pharmacy :o 
Why all this story? There is a reason my child. Though winter is gone, *sob* *sob*, my skin has gotten addicted to moisturizer now >.< I tried to manage without moisterizer. Din't work. 
So me bought home the Garnier's most amazing product! 
Lets move on to review now :D *Note to Self: REVIEW products, don't blabber SO much atleast!*

Product: Bodycocoon Nutritive Fruit Oils Intense Moisture Lotion
Brand: Garnier
Cost:Special Offer: Rs.105--Rs.90/- 
Quantity: 125 ml

Aaaawwww soooo cute! *IKR! :D My besties gifted on my Birthday! :D I love how cute it looks :**

What does Garnier say?

Nourishes dry skin. Replenishes moisture from within. Instantly absorbed.

The back of the flip cap bottle answers questions like, "Is it right for me?" "How is it different?" and questions like that :)

Directions for use haven't been given. It says Do NOT apply on face. Obviously. *rolls eyes*

The description of the product made me imagine a thick, rich creamy indulgence but nope. Its quite a runny product that smells divine. OM*G! It smells so good, so good, I am obsessed with it. Its like all the fruits in the world together. Its like so relaxing! I have been smelling myself secretly all morning :D Spa like. AWESOME! ^_^ ^_^ *My face everytime I smell this baby*

And yes. Its very moisturising. Does take in some time to seep in, may be like two minutes, but its totally worth it. It made my dryness vanish, and left a soft, supple healthy skin :) I feel so pampered, so cozy and warm ^_^ You know like when a baby is sleepy and it rests on your shoulder and smiles :) Yes, that relaxed mode :) Its been 12 hours and I am still so soft, so baby-skin-ish 8) I would kill for a product the does the same to my oil grounds >.<

The flip cap fits perfectly and it is travel friendly. No leakage, no messy bag :D
*Okay! Stop laughing at the weird collage :|Oh Sshhh!! I am still new to swatch photos and felt this collage will make it a teeny bit less funny. Still laughing? K FINEE! Oh well the first picture is the product, second it when I was in the process of pushing it into my skin, third is when my skin drank it*

All in all, this is an amazing product. I have no cons about it. *The ingredient list mentions parabens, might be of concern to some of you*

I will give it a 4.5/5. Yes. 

Have you used this product?

Loved it? Hated it?

Lemme know! :D

Miss me till next time ;)



  1. cute teddy..I WANT!!

    P.S. I really liked the lotion and great review as always ..*hmph* (missing ur stalking activities) *hmph*

  2. this is one of my hg body it :)

  3. I have tried their hair dye only
    and I must say, their hair dye was good.

    Come visit my blog, let me know how you like my blog
    and if you like it, can we follow each other on GFC?

  4. Not much of a fan of body makes my skin itch...:(

  5. Awesome review. Will give it a try. :)


  6. @Pooja_G: Aaww thank you love :)
    So sorry :( I have been MIA :( Right back to stalking you sweetiee :* :*

    @few unnecessary stuff: Its awesome know?!

    @Mom Fashion World: Aaah I have never colored my hair :D Sure sweetie, will check out right now :)

    @Opal: Oh really? You might want to try this :O Its mild :)

    @Butterfly: Thank you hon :) Sure give a try :)

    Namita <3

  7. I am using this from past 4 month.
    I love it.


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