Monday 12 March 2012

Maybelline Clear Glow Bright Benefit Cream Review

Hello my Smokin'HotSirens! :P

How was your Monday? :D Mine was uber awesome! College after a week of fest, everyone seemed to be in hangover yet >.< Though I didn't/don't booze, I had a throbbing headache all morning :P Hehe :D  Oh and I got my 1st Mid Sem Exam results, and baby, I am so happy :D I have got decent marks in every paper and my parents are happy! *Phew!*

And I have  two tests tomorrow :@ Who ever told Bachelor Of Engineering is tension free will die a horrible death >.<
But still, I couldn't stay away from the, and here I am with a product review! Yes, the very raved Maybelline BB Cream's review :) The very awesome Bhumika from New Love - Makeup gave away 8 tubes of this baby, and I was lucky to get one :) Thanks honey! :)

Before I get into the review, let me first apologise for the quality of pictures :( I clicked the pictures in a frenzy and didn't check them after I took :o You know how photos look Oh-So-Hot! on the camera screen and then you transfer them to the computer, they are defected in so many ways :x Hence the very less number of pictures and zero creativity :o 

Product: Maybelline Clear Glow Bright Benefit Cream
Brand: Maybelline
Cost: Rs.199/-
Quantity: 18 ml :o *Err sort of less for the price :o*

By now you must be knowing all the mayhem over these Blemish Balms. They are originally from Germany, formulated to be used for laser surgery patients. But then the South Korean actresses started using them for betterment of skin and thus BBs are everyone's love :D

So what does Maybelline Bright Benefit cream claim? 8 benefits! 8) Lets see?
  1. instantly brightens
  2. evens out skin tone
  3. hydrates
  4. conceals
  5. smoothens
  6. mattifies
  7. freshens
  8. protects with SPF 21/ PA+++.
There you go, 8 benefits!
Now if you have followed me from beginning, *if not, now you do :P*, you'll know how much of a Drama Queen my skin is >.< So my skin needs all of the above mentioned benefits :o Oh they made this cream for me 8)
There are 3 shades available:

I got the '01 Nude', the darkest shade available. Remember I had my college fest? And also my skin has been misbehaving a lot? :( I used this baby then :) And it worked like a charm! 8)
The tube is like the cutest! :* SO tiny, so adorable! ^_^ The metallic cap covering the nozzle is so classy! The tube itself is mintish green in color :* Major Crush ^_^ The cream has a lovely flower-y fragnance and it lingers on for  a while :) All in all, I freakin' love the packaging :D
It gave an instant coverage, concealed my dark circles to some admirable extent, concealed the redness on cheeks due to previuos scarring, took care of the dry patches at the junction of my nose and face :@ , provided a decent sun protection :) It didn't break me out either :)
The only complaint is that it made me oily >.< And just at the end of second hour. And obvious oilyness. And under the eyes (the dreaded dark circle zone). And I hated it >.<
Also, it takes some 6-10 minutes to seep into the skin. I have oily skin, so I set it with some loose powder. The initial 2 - 3 minutes can put Edward to shame :P OKAY! LOL not that white-y, but yeah, it does scare you with a Muhahaha-I-will-leave-a-white-cast-on-you :o

Just to show how tiny the bottle is :P For Rs.200/-, we do expect more product, don't we? :P

The Magic Cream! *Abracadabra!*
See? How beautifully it brightens up the skin? And how seamlessly it seeps in? There are reasons why I love this :*

Now, I am not an Everyday-foundation-person. To be honest I don't like the feel of foundation on my skin :o I prefer having something that sticks like second skin :P ;) And this product surely does that :) Its gonna be in my stash, a permanent place because it won my heart ^_^ *Blows kisses to the tube :**

So is it a Fairytale or a Tragedy?--- Definitely  a Fairytale ^_^ Except for the oilyness (which can be controlled with loose powder and blotting sheets :P) and the quantity (C'mon Maybelline, don't be stingy :o), I love this product! Go ahead and get this if you haven't yet! Be sure to check with the shade though! :)

What do you think? Lemme know girls! :)

Miss me till next time 8)

Image Sources:-
First Image--Google-d. Rest are mine.



  1. Nice review dear. Even I have this magic cream in nude shade, its my go to touch up item for that out of blue presentations and client screaming meetings...

  2. Nice review babe. I saw this cream reviewed by so many beauty bloggers - I WANT! Had fun reading your review too. *who is coming from India soon?* Hehehe

  3. nyc review girl !! welcome back to blogger

  4. I WANT I WANT... yet to try it. hv heard so much abt it

  5. I love your nail color!<3 sigh ..i always had the hots for coral colors :))

  6. @opal: IKR! Its an amazing product! :) Thanks you :D

    @Ms Nyx: Oh trust me, its a lovely product, totally recommend :) So who is going from India soon? ;)

    @Shruti: Thanks hon :)

    @Riddhi: Thank you love :)

    @Vanu: YEAH, go for it! Its so WOW!

    @Jen: Haha thank you :) DO check out the nail color review :) Thanks a lot :)

    Namita <3

  7. @Jen: Aahhh no no, I haven't reviewed that yet >.< Got confused, sorry :P I will review it asap :D

    Namita <3

  8. Hey! Could you please tell me if this product is available in the U.S.A? I heard a lot about the product and the wonders it does to your skin. Want to use it eagerly.

    Thanks in advance. Have a great day!

  9. Aah I Google-d it sweetie, but it seems its just here in Asia :( How about online shopping? :)
    Anytime! :)
    Namita <3

  10. Oh No! :( Well, I tried online shopping (ebay) and looks like they just have Maybelline Clear SMOOTH BB Cream 8-in1 Skin Transformer. Is it similar to the Maybelline Clear GLOW BB Cream? I'm not sure if it'll work the way Clear Glow works. I've heard a lot about the product from my family and friends in Asia. :|


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