Sunday 18 March 2012

Love @ Facebook

Hello my Pumpkins! :*

I know I know, I have been MIA for very long without prior notice, and though I bug you, you miss me ;) You know you love me 8) *Gossip Girl tone :D*
So what happened?

Truth: I have had a horrible week :( Too many tests, completely messed skin and mind, too much negativity around me :(

THE truth: I just got plain lazy >.< And the internet connection was sort of cranky. And I have gotten hugely addicted to Gossip Girl! :D I apologize :* Now smile. Smile? Smile smile smile?:D You did?I know you DID! :D

*Nope, I ain't mad at all :D*

So me thought let me get back with a book review :)

Title: Love @ Facebook
Author: Nikita Singh
Publication: Cedar books
Cost: Rs.150/- 

Love @ Facebook! The title is so very catchy and so trendy 8) And the cover page is so fab 8) Yea, they do say don't judge a book by its cover, but this book is just as awesome as the cover page :)
And I am a lil partial to this book, thanks to the cover page :D

About the Author: Nikita Singh is a voracious reader and has a deep interest in literature. She is doing her graduation in pharmacy. Although she hails from Patna, she has spen most of her life is Indore.
Apart from reading and writing, her interests are music, painting and Facebook (obviously!).
At nineteen. she is on of the youngest and wittiest writers in the country. Love @ Facebook is her debut novel. *From the back page*

Whoa! :) This book is so freakin' cool for a first timer :) You might be knowing people who found thier sweethearts via Social Networking sites. Facebook has become an absolute must have these days, its like, "You ain't on FB? OMFG! I am reporting you to the police right now! :O Christ! You are so anti-social! :o" Being a Facebook addict myself, I know how distracting and engaging it is :P From stalking people to 'liking' things, FB has become such an integral part of life.

This book is about your typical teenager. Oh wait, no no. Its about a super pretty very mature, over thinking, totally adorable teenager who falls in 'love' with a celebrity on FB. Yup, we too have our own permanent crushes, but they never talk to us :( They hardly know our existence. And we are forced to be happy with the boy friends and husbands :| *No offence :P*
But here, Vathsala Rathore gets his attention, and is awfully obsessed with him. 'He' is Ronit Oberoi by the way.
Also there exists a guy best friend, Ankit, who is so very wonderful, the types that every girl dreams of having as BFF :) Every other character is so genuine, you can almost relate it to many people in your life :P
In my opinion, its a lovely book. Uber sexy language, humor-packed. You will just sail through the chapters, they are addictive :D
Nikita Singh, if you are reading this, take it from me. You have done an excellent job, kudoos to you :) Keep writing! \m/

My rating:
4/5. Its a lil predictable here and there, or may be that is because I do think on What-might-happen-next-:o Bite me :D

Have you guys read it? What do you say?:)

As soon as I post this, I'll get back to reading the very many posts that I have missed and the lovely comments I have yet to check :( I am such a lazy bug >.<

So yeah, temme :D



  1. welcome back !!! how were d tests ?? i m def checking dis book out. ..

  2. Thank you! :)
    Oh they went good sweetie :D
    Yeah, sure read it :) Awesome book :)
    Namita <3

  3. welcome back... great review of the book. 4/5 not bad.. I ll pick it ...

  4. Yup love do try :) Thank you :)
    Namita <3

  5. Hi Namita (we haven't been introduced before)

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving comments. I am glad I found your page! You have a new reader in me. It it always nice to know a blogger in your own city

    You resemble Ramya(Kannada actress) in the 1st pic. Love the cheery yellow suit on you. Look lovely


  6. Hey Shruti :) (Oh I have stalked you enough ;))

    Its my pleasure :) Thank you for visiting mine :) Oh totally! And someone so fashionable, I am elated :)

    LOL! Really? :P Most people say Pooja Gandhi :D Well *blushes* :D Thank you so much sweetheart :) Please keep visiting :)

    Namita <3


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