Monday 19 March 2012

Is it REALLY necessary?

Hello girls! :)

Did you know applying a paste of sandalwood+rose water on pimples dries them real fast and heals without a scar? Yea, I have using this from two days and getting great results 8) A cluster of huge pimples on my right cheek is already healing :D *I sounded like a news reporter in the beginning know? :o* My only complaint is it gets darker in color and goes obvious :o Well it dries, yet you know... HMM! :D

Okay so after that random tip, I want to discuss something interesting today. Last evening I got my eyebrows threaded :o I have real nice eyebrows ^_^ *Nope, no bragging* and threading gives them the neat shape :) Eyebrows define the structure of the face. They form the frame work and make you look so much more defined. Yes, I am very particular with it and always make sure they look good.I don't mind undergoing those pricky prickies for a matter of few minutes once in 3 weeks. I am Obsessed. Bite me. Same goes with waxing. Half hour of self torture reveals super silky de-tanned skin? COUNT ME IN! Let me admit, I am a body-hair-phobic and get awfully conscious when I haven't waxed/threaded for a while.  Well that is me.

And yesterday as I sat there waiting for my turn, I started wondering how its only us females who  suffer the No-Hair-Syndrome :| *Body hair I mean :P* Or wait, are we forced to? Why is that guys don't get eyebrows done? *I am talking about the majority that doesn't get it done yet :o* Why is that we spend hours together in salons getting hot wax on the skin and mercilessly stripping off the hair? How did it all begin? Is it necessary? And oh-so-many ways to 'get rid of' 'the hair'? Waxing, threading, laser hair removal, electrolysis, epilators and what not!

I have seen people who just don't give a damn about all this fuss, and the ones that break head over this *Me too* :o Why this fuss?Why the hype?Why the You-Have-To-Get-IT-Done-Cuz-You-Are-A-Girl? Or is it all in the head?

What do you say? :) Let me know! :)

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  1. I've had the same thoughts run through my mind as well:p

  2. I have the same thoughts, but I still wax, thread,... I don't even really know why! I tagged you on the 11 questions tag :)

  3. I wish someone told me that if I start doing it regularly, I'll have no choice but to keep doing it throughout my life else I'd risk looking like a bear. Oh wait... I faintly remember Dad telling me but I didn't listen. Boohoo. Anyway I have the no-body-hair syndrome too lol :D

  4. you might just find it weird but i kinda like going through this ritual every three weeks.. maybe since i have been doing this since i was 15/16 so that makes it about 9-10 years so there's no pain... it kinda gives me some alone time where i get pampered and massaged and well this sort of helps me feel more feminine too (not that its reqd :P)

  5. Im too lazy to go and get my brows threaded...its being 3 weeks and my brows have already started looking like amazon forest. But as for waxing I am blessed with slow growing, thin, spaced body hairs which means I have to wax only once in 2 months or so...but I hardly bother about threading and only runs to the parlor when my fiance is home...after all I have to look good for him right...

  6. m also lazy to get my brows threaded hehehe... i hav thin brows so its fine if i dont get it done ... hehehe... as for that acne tip.. yes my dermat suggested me to mix sandalwood paste n rose water to get rid of acne n it worked wonders.. i m religiously followin that tip till date...

  7. Whether it is necessary or not depends upon the girl! :P And personally i like being perfect when it comes to this. Though i am blessed that i have perfect eyebrows, so i don't need threading and i have very less hair growth but still i think it is really necessary! ;) Nice post!! :D


  8. Me too.. I don't understand why we have to go through all this.. But If I don't everyone in my family starts complaining that I look sick.. No option :D

  9. @Glamarama: *sigh* I aint the only one :P

    @Eline: IKR! We are forced to?! Oh I have already done that tag sweetie, I'll check though :)

    @Ms Nyx: Errr really? I din't know :o The salon girl always tells me it reduces with sittings :O Not logical though :P

    @SamyuktaISimplyLoveMakeup: Oh honey its totally not weird! I too have been doing since 16, and I so second your view :D It makes me feel more feminine :D *Hi5!* But pain, errr me no like :O

    @Opal: Oh trust me! I am equally lazy! I kick my ass (yes I do) to the salon everytime :D Lucky you! I HAVE to wax every 3 weeks :x Aaaww so sweet :* <3

    @Riddhi: * Jealous me* :D Ya know? Its amazing :) Clears the skin in flat 15 days! 8)

    @Butterfly: OMG really? You don't have to thread? I HATE YOU! :O No wait, I love you :D Thanks hon :)

    @Rambling of A Single Girl: LOL! :D You know when I don't thread, my face looks so 'cluttered' :P As soon as I thread, it feels so much more clearer :D Everything rests in the mind :D

    Namita <3

  10. Many times same thoughts run in my head :P But then at the end of the day I believe we do it to make ourselves better so a little pain is okay :)



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