Sunday 26 February 2012


Hey there sweethearts! :* Mmmwahh! :D

YAA! I am uber excited :D EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :D You know why? No? I'll tell you! :D I won a blog award! :D Wuhuuu! :D The very lovely Ms.Nyx thinks I am a Versatile blogger *Ahem* Any ho, I am bloody happy :D It is my first award, and it means so much to me :D I am too new to the blogging world, just a month and a week :) And yes, feels good and so much motivated :)
Thank you so much my honeybunch! :* *I know I sound like my Oscar Speech, but who cares?! I am honestly too happy to care :D*

So the rules are here :D *I am copy pasting from Bak Bak Queen (Her super awesome blog, you must visit it :)*

1.Paste this award on your blog.
2. Thank the person who gave you this award.
3. Pass this award to 15 fellow bloggers.
4. Share 7 random facts about yourself

Here is my award! *Trumpets and bugles*

Err I thanked her already :P Well again, THANK YOU SO MUCH LOVE! :D Means a lot to me :D *Tears in the eye :P*

Umm random facts about me :D If you have read my posts till date, you'll most probably know me by now :) Still, I'll try telling you interesting *cough* facts about me :D

1.I am die hard romantic. Sappy things suck me in :D I have read and watched Twilight series with atmost dedication and sincerity :D *Majority of my friends call the series LAME! :| Hmph! :@*

2. I am responsible. *Nope, no bragging* Being the eldest kid at home, I tend to take control over things , most of the times :P One of my besties goes like, "I love how she can handle things ^_^" Things here refers to Getting back a confiscated cellphone, convincing a teacher not to throw us out of class (and sometimes begging her to throw us out etc :) :D

3. I get tensed up, very first :@ And my tranquiliser is him, ALWAYS! ♥ 

4. I over think, a lot. My friends keeps telling me that I am so addicted to overthinking, I tend to be most productive then :P I do break my head over unwanted things most of the time :P 

5. I am a decent cook :P Though I can't proceed a step without instructions, I tend to cook fairly yummy :D

6. I am not a tidy kid :P I have personal hygiene *hand on heart*, but my room and cupboard is an awful mess. I pull out one tee shirt, and the avalanche of clothes follows 8) And I push it right back and lock the door, with one knee pressing hard against the door :D and this, after cleaning my cupboard once in 15 days >.< Bite Me!

7. I weep in movies. I do. And I weep real bad. Like I sob. 'Marley and Me' makes me weep like a baby, everytime. Christ! :D Innumerable friends of mine make so much fun of this trait of mine, but I am proud of it :D i have got it from my mom though ^_^ 

OKAY! Now I have to pass this to 15 bloggers :o Here is the toughest part :o I am way too new to blogging world to know 15 bloggers that I interact with on regular basis :o Also, I don't know if the award can be given to a person who has gotten it before :o So, I'll keep this passing on, on a hold till next week :) My stupid exams will end by then, and I will have all the time in the world to pass it on to 15 wonderful bloggers :) Hope I ain't breaking the 'rules' :P 

*Continues smiling like an idiot*

So? What do you think? :) Lemme know cupcakes! :)

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  1. The new templates looks really a new dimension to your personality...and the crying at movies part, don't worry you are not alone...I cry for every crappy movie, give me one senti scene there I am using my full packet tissue.

  2. I LOVED the new template...n CONGRATS on the blog award l) I know how it feels to get encouraged like this :D..the last pic is so cute...God bless u both! :)

  3. the new template suits you so well, it's rocking :) congrats on the blog award and keep posting, nice pic btw :)

  4. Congratulations on your blog award! And thank you for following my blog, however, I do not see you in my followers.. I am guessing the system might be acting up.. :)
    Good luck!

  5. Awww.. new template looks more versatile ;)And congratz on your award babe!

  6. Hahahahaa i cudnt stop smiling and laughing while reading about ur cupboard and avalanche of clothes afterwards!! see, em still smiling.
    Congos for award, sweetie

  7. New template is as awesome as you and your blog and your love life!! :P How is that for a compliment!! :D Congratulations for winning the award!! :) Happy for you!! <3 And the photo above is like so damn cute!! :)) Love it! Stay happy you two!!


  8. @Opal: Hehe thank you :D Really? :P Cool! Good to know you weep too ;)

    @Pooja: Thank you Pooja :D YAY! Happy Me :) Aaaww thanks :)

    @Coral Crue: Thank you so much sweetie :)

    @Skinny Moonstick: Thank you :) Oh ya? Sure I'll check with it :) Would be glad if you follow back!

    @Upasana: Thanks love :)

    @Fida: *blushes* Thank you so much hon :)

    @Vanu: :D Eeeeee :D Glad to have made you shmileee :D :) Thank you babe :)

    @SadeeStyle: Thank you so much :) I'll follow you right back :)

    @Butterfly: Hhehhehehee thanks sweetheart :D That is a HUGE compliment ;) *blushes more* :D :* Thanks again :)

    Namita <3

  9. Congrats, you deserve the award due to your awesomeness :P No seriously, you are a fun blogger.
    Loving your new template! Oh and the pic of you two love-birds together, hayeeee!
    Have a great week, month and year :D

  10. Ahhh now I am flattered ;) :D Thank you thank you :) It is my favorite picture too :D *Blush* :D :*
    You too sweetheart, have a sexy time ahead :D
    Namita <3


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