Tuesday 28 February 2012

Traumatizing Tan! - TOD!

"No mom!! Applying lemon-juice on that stupid mark on my cheek wont help, it will just make me smell like a juice-stall :-| " "OIL? HAIR? Are you in sane mind?!" Well that was me before I actually tried any home remedies. I have been a victim of pimples, and so obviously blemishes, dry hair, chapped lips and all other such creepies that wreck havoc at a personal level. After lot cash spent on dumping chemicals on my skin and hair, and tearing hair and throwing tantrums over the results that never showed up, I decided to try the so famed Mummy's/Granny's/Neighbor's/Aunt's Home Remedies :o In this section, I'll list out the tips that worked for me(and those that didn't). So much for doubting the sanity of my mom :P    

Yes, tan can be traumatizing for us Indians >.< We don't get a sexy bronzed look under the sun like all the tan loving countries' homo sapiens :o We end up either with a dull and irritating disgusting shade 36.78 times darker than our original skin shade, or worse, a sun burn >.< This, after using the best sunscreen :@ (I use Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun Block :o Hmph! :@)

Tomato Juice: Yes, the very known very humble tomato helps removing tan. Like a boss 8) It is citric and bleaches your skin. All the unwanted nasty melanin is shoo-ed away 8) You can also mix few drops of lemon juice for better results. 

Squeeze in tomato juice and apply it on tanned areas, and wash off with water after 20 minutes :) With mild tanning, results can be seen from fourth day :D If you spend hours getting unwanted sun bath and have multitudes of shades  from arms to toes (like me), it might take some more time :| But be consistent, and I promise it works like a charm! :D

PS: Be careful if you have cuts or broken skin. It might tingle :x *What good thing works without a bit of pain *shakes head* *that philosophical look on the face** 

Moving on to boring you, I got home early today :D My Math paper went awesome YAY! :D I so can't stay away from blogging ^_^ Your interactions make me day :) :) :) *That rhythmed 8)*
Tomorrow I have Chemistry and the slogging begins in 15 minutes >.<
Oh BTW, some 'magic' is happening on my blog :o My dashboard says I have 66 followers, I love you guys :* *Blows kisses* , but my GFC widget on the home page says 64  :o How does that happen? :o 
If any of you Smartypants know, enlighten me :D

Now I'll switch the damned computer off and swot!

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Miss me till I come back ;)

Namita <3


  1. :-) Thanks! Tomato also has lycopene. Which is.. *anyone?* Right! Anti - aging!

  2. heard lot bout ppl going bananas over tomatoes..So,may be I will look onto this wonder thing after a beachy vaccation
    Oh! bout gfc followers- 2 of them may be a private follower :P

  3. Tomato juice works n so does lemon on its own btw, I liked that answer about the dream product so u ll hv 5 extra entries for the asos n anatomicals giveaway:)

  4. Oohhh havent tried that :P :P
    Sounds good, should try :P LOL.

  5. (>.<) Tomatooo should be in my soup!! salad or gravy!!! I LOVE EATING IT than worrying about tan :P it is destined to be in my TUMMY B)

    Anyway a wonderful review Hon!!
    Short and right in bull's eye!! :D

  6. Happy for you!! All the best for your Chemistry Paper too!! :P And as far as tomatoes are concerned --- I just love eating tomatoes!! :D Hehehe!!


  7. Im gonna try the tomatoes!
    Ur posts r fun to read Namita :)

  8. Hey babe, happy to see your new post :) Oh tomatoes..I love tomatoes.. Thanks for the tips, will definitely try it! All the best for your chemistry paper darl!

    Be happy always..

  9. @Abhyudaya Shrivastava: Errr thanks for what? :P Oh ya? Now that is nice :)

    @few unnecessary stuff: Oh it works :) No wonder people go gaga over it :D LOL! Private followers? Wonder who ;) Thanks sweetie :)

    @Emm :) Yeah :) Haha really? Thank you! :)

    @Sonshu: Give a try and lemme know :D

    @Jayanth: :\ EAT EAT n EAT! :D Destined to be in your tummy lol! :D Thankiee boy! :D :* :)

    @Butterfly: YAY! :D Aah chem went BAD! :D Me to like tomatoes :D Tomato+sugar=anytime 8)

    @Isha: Sure :) thank you love :)

    @Fida: Hello hon :) Aah sure try and lemme know how it works Ms.Prettyness :) And thank you so much :)

    Lots love,
    Namita <3

  10. haha..such a fun post :) the weather thing is so true especially for me (i live in a beachy place ) and its damn irritating !! will def try out the tomato:)

    following you :)

    check out mine and lemme know too :)

  11. hey! btw check out my blog...tagged u in a fun post


  12. love your post...tomato is really good for skin specially if you ahve oily skin !



  13. @thechicdairy :D Thank you :) Sure hon, try and lemme know :) Aaah I'll check right now :)

    @few unnecessary stuff: Oh sure :) Thank you :D

    @Ayantika :D Thank you :) Yeah, works perfect :)

    Namita <3


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