Saturday 25 February 2012

Instant Nerdism and Desirable Changes

Hi there! :D *Punches in the tummy

How was your Saturday? :D Mine was bloody awesome! I woke up late this morning, worked out for almost 45 minutes (Note to self: Update on fitness--The awful muscle cramps, followed by 3 days of NO workout :( ) :D Ate healthy all through the day :) And I am gonna sleep early tonight :) 
Wait, do I sound like a textbook summary? :o Oh Boy! YAA! You know why? Cuz I have been studying all day! >.< Well not like WHOLE day, but most part of my day :( My internals (my college people call them Mid Sem Exams to make them sound fancy. Blah! Its the same  swotting no matter what they call it :|) are starting this Monday. A week of terrible stress ahead of me :( And the worst part? I have classes before and after the exams! Whoever guy made this rule, will die a terrible death. Arghh!! :@ 

That is me for a week :| HOW I HATE EXAMS! >.<

On a happier note, I have decided to change the blog template :D I know I know, its very cute and adorable right now :) But after 50 posts, I have started getting This-Blog-Is-Toddler-Blog feel :P And I need a simpler template ---something easier to edit my texts, add widgets and arrange them :) And oh, I might bid good bye to coloring random words too :( I'll be honest with you guys, every post I post here, takes atleast 45 minutes to an hour of work. I swear I love every second of it, but as my life gets busier, I don't want the quality of posts to come down due to lack of time :( I promise you'll still have fun reading my posts *I know you do. I ain't that modest :P* :) 

My super awesome best friend is designing my header and other elements. He is working on it since evening. I don't want to brag, but he is like effing creative! He paints, does charcoal painting, pencil sketching, oil colors, digital painting and what not! He also just started with a blog, solely dedicated for movie reviews! And I will publish it as soon as the review posts count reaches 20 :D *He is very modest :** AND he has painted his own room ^_^ Its like a gallery 8) Every wall has its own designs :D So many of my pictures are taken in his room, and my friends have always asked me which mall it is :P YES!! He is THAT awesome :D And he is doing my header and other bloggiee stuff!! Can't wait to see them all :D
PS: He is NOT doing it for free. We have personal deals :D

Thats it for now :) I might get a lil irregular posting, replying to your comments or commenting on your blogs, but I'll be back with a bang :D I'll hopefully get my new customised template by tomorrow, if not by Monday :) YAYEEE! *I am so excited :D*

So what do you think? :) Is it alright? :o You will still want to read my boring blabbers? :) *Please say yes say yes say yes :P*

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Until then, 

Lots Love,


  1. NO matter what or how your blog looks like.. I am sure i will love it! In fact every reader of your blog will!! :) And your man is so sweet!! Doing all this for you! Luck you! :) God bless you both and all the best with your mid sems!! :)


  2. Namita, I for sure loves to read your posts. Exams!!!, we used to have 2 exams each day, the good thing that came out of it is that the horror lasted just 3 days :P. Well, all the best for exams (Sound nerdish)and tell my guy about my blog, and he would run miles away from, your guy taking efforts to do the template design is really really sweet..So, come back with lots of new posts, refreshed after the exam...

  3. I just love reading you post they are so cute and heart warming!

    Thank you so much for commenting on my recent poat and it made my day!
    My Lyfe ; My Story


  4. Awww so sweet of your guy.. can't wait to see your new template babe! yes, yes, yes I will still want to read your blog.. you know what, your blog is one of my fav!! good luck for your exam!

  5. Your Blog LOOKS AWEEESOME. I was just about to give mine a makeover too!!! OMG. Your guys is chooo chweet and creative. Lovely work! :)

    Your blog is awesome no matter what, so we'll always come back. no worry ok?


  6. @Butterly: Aww thanks so much hon :) Glad to have known you, gem of a person :)

    @Opal:Haha thanks! :D Ahh we had the same system before, but grades were dipping so bad, they changed it :P Thank you so much for the wishes, I'll be needing a lot of them ;) Haha ya? Mine is real interested in mine :P my friends say he is tortured to do so >.< Ya hon, can't wait to get back at boring you guys ;)

    @Harija: Thank you :)You are most welcome :)

    @Fida: IKR! He is a sweetheart :D New template is up baby, tell me how you like it :D Your comment makes me feel so good :) Thanks a billion sweetie :) :* Thanks again for the wishes :P

    @Sonshu: Aaawww thank you :D All credits to him ;) Oh sure, can't wait to see your new make over :D Good luck :)
    Thankies again :) That wonderful comment gave me so much inspiration :)

    @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue: Thanks so much :) Happy me :D

    All your comments make my day sweeties :)

    Namita <3


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