Thursday 1 March 2012

The All Known Alert! :x

Hello my chicas! :D :*

I am sitting here typing this with a gooey mess on my head.Its a mixture of Castor oil+ coconut oil and mom says it will cool down my poor body :( Its just starting summer here, and its so bloody hot. I hate hate hate summers :@
I had such a clear face 3 days ago, and now I am here, with awful break outs everywhere on my face :( Monster pimples. They are too sore and huge and fat and ugly and scary to use baking soda and scrub. I was so freaked out, I had to rush to my derma. Now I am given a topical treatment. Hope it works *fingers crossed* My college fest is in three days, and I don't want to look like the moon. The real one. With crates. Add to that, I have a super bad cold. I am sniffing and sniffing, and being a live example to fat red nose. *I have a pretty cute nose btw :P*
Phew! Feels so good ranting :D
I had thought of posting a review today, but a post by one of the awesome bloggers caught my eye, and shocked the hell out of me :@ Though I have been following blogs for a while, I hadn't given any interest to the 'GFC will be gone' cry! *Obviously* Now that I know non-blogger forums have already lost GFC, I am all pissed :@ Why Google Why? The dashboard is gone. *Beeeep* What about all the give aways that want us to follow them through GFC? SCREW YOU GOOGLE! Just because Google+ is an utter flop, this is not the fair method to get people there :(

Oh and before I am called lame, let me get this straight.
The number of followers matter a lot to us.
I'll be honest, it does matter to me.
If you have taken blogging seriously, you'll want your views to reach others. Well, blogging for self happiness is perfectly alright, but having an interacting follower base is such a wonderful support system. *Yea, you guys make my day with every single comment you type for me. You take time out of your life, a few moments and you have no idea how much it means to me :) Thank you so much! :) Every new follower gives me so much joy, so much support :) Every morning I log in, smile and rejoice even +1 on my dashboard, read the comments and mentally make a note on how I can improve :) *

And no. I don't want to lose my list of awesome blogs, nor my awesome support system. So after a Google-search *I'll make it Bing search for a while :|*, I found some alternatives. Almost all of you might be knowing these, or more than these already. Yet, I hope this post helps people new to blogging world :)

1. BlogLovin: I'll be honest, I have hardly used BlogLovin to catch up with posts. I always have my dashboard but *sigh*. So now my account is created, and I added the widget in the right sidebar.

2. Facebook Page: FB is a powerful site :) And what better way than publicizing your blog there? :) Get going NOW!

3. My Linky Followers: This is a relatively new feature. I read raving posts about it, so created my account this evening. I suggest you create your account ASAP and add the widget. Mine is in the right side bar.

4.Google+: I haven't used Google+. I am a loyal Facebook-er. Yet, I have just created my account. But no. I don't want to use it. So yes, I am not linking my blog to Google+. How is that for a revenge Google? :|

And now comes the shameless part. I have bloody amazing 66 people showing their love to my blog ^_^ And that is why they are on the top of my blog ;) Hehe :P So yeah. I am requesting you guys to follow me on BlogLovin. Also, my Facebook like page is here <3. LIKE it now, and be updated with my blabbering. *C'mon, I know you love me ;) :P :)* Also, create your My Linky Followers account asap and get the widget, and follow me there, and get yours too :P *Gawd I am so shameless. But hey! I don't want to lose you guys :(*
And leave a comment across informing me that you did :) I promise, I will smile so huge, my runny nose will fall into my mouth. *Oh I know, I am gross :P*

Oh and should I or shouldn't I remove the GFC widget? It always makes me feel so good :(



  1. its sad tht google decided to loose the GFC... i AGREE tht d decision is a bad one .. i hardly use google+

  2. What? The blogger dashboard is going to disappear?! I didn't even know!

  3. Not to worry..Its vanishing only for WordPress users or others. If you are on Bloggers you are fine....Would be glad if we can connect at Bloglovin too :)

    My Bloglovin Page

  4. I so damn agree.. :( Followers do matter a lot!! <3 I mean one does blogging for oneself but also for one's followers!! :( This sucks big time!! :X
    I hope the heat stops bothering you dear!


  5. Bad bad bad google :(
    Bt Stylish by Nature said its going for other dan blogger!!?? I just hope its vanishing for all others and not us :)

  6. Awww I got a constellation on my face too! It'll be okay hehehe

  7. Very interesting post!
    Come to visit my blog and if you want let’s follow each other on Bloglovin, GFC and Facebook!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  8. Enjoy your college fest, you need to look good then

  9. @Riddhi: Same here, I don't use Google+ :(

    @eline: Ya :( Blogger's will go too after a couple of months it seems :|

    @Stylish By Nature: Err actually I read even Blogger's will be gone after a couple of months...lets see :) Oh sure I'll :)

    @Butterfly: IKR :( So lame :( Ahh this heat is so suffocating :x

    @Vanu: Ya :( Hope so too love :)

    Ms Nyx: Hehe :P Any instant fix for my galaxy? ;)

    @francesca romana capizzi: Thank you :) Oh sure I'll follow you, would be glad if you could follow me back :)

    @Pesto Sauce :( ya! I need to look healthy atleast :P

    Namita <3

  10. I too hate the idea of just advertising google+ by removing GFC.
    get well soon dear..good luck to you with the pimples.
    I just love your blabbering..hhaha :D

    check my new post hon!!


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