Tuesday 24 January 2012

Vaseline Lip Care Review

Hello my *You fill in the blank 8)* :P

What do you do when you are running short of time and don't want to miss your college bus, your only source of all self-care products aka that awesome shop is closed, you have no other option but to buy a lip balm from a departmental store, because your lips resemble a draught ridden area? You buy Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture. And then what do you do? Read further to know 8) *Crime scene in background*
*Yeah gross I know* :P

Product : Vaseline Lip Care Total Moisture
Brand : Vaseline 
Cost : Rs.25/-

Now that you know the history on why I bought it *If you still don't know, read the first few lines again, replacing 'you' with 'me'. Like in 'me' me. Like 'Me = ME' Confused you, didn't I? :P* you should know that I  hate it with all my heart :-| Its one of the worst lip balms I have ever used. *Disgusted face*

The balm is transparent, the consistency and odour is just like the regular Vaseline.NOTHING new. You have to squeeze out the product to apply on your lips. There is No/very very little sheen imparted.
And this lazy thing just sits on your lips and does nothing. It so doesn't help with chapped lips. Even overnight application is as useless.
The packaging is so BLAH! Just a simple white tube with a blue screw cap, and the words written in blue. Neither is there a list of what it contains. 
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Though expecting great results from such a low-cost product is not fair, the Himalaya Lip Balm is excellent at the same price. It scores much better in all the categories. I'll review it soon :o
We do expect a lot when a product comes from a brand like Vaseline, the life saver when it comes to dry skin specially. But this lip balm fails to keep up with the expectations :( I so HATE this piece of Waste! *Rolls eyes*

So is it a Fairytale or a Tragedy? ---- Pathetic Tragedy! I am NEVER gonna buy it again. NEVER. EVER.
*Hmphhh!! :@*

Have you guys used it? :o

Image Sources :-
Draught  image-Google-d. No. I don't own it.
Other two images- MINE! 



  1. My Grandma once told me Honey is the best medicine aprat from dairy products!! Well U (Namitha) is honey!! and i have Cracked lips ;) soo what shd i do ;D

  2. :P *Blush* Umm the next time we meet, take me shopping? ;) You see, honey is costly! :D ;) :*

  3. THe Taste of honey is even richer if u steal it ;) ill try my luck stealing one

  4. Could I ever beat you with words? :) Try try! :* ILY SO MUCH moron <3

  5. I'm a faithful Vaseline lover for like a decade. However, try Labello?

    Btw, I love your blog's layout, and I like the way you write - bindaas type :D Keep writing!

  6. Aaww nice :D Yup sure hon, I'll try :)

    Thanks so much! :)^_^ I will keep writing :D :)

  7. I do not like Vaseline Lip Balm either!! :X Though other Vaseline products are like much better! :) And you know Nivea Lip care or VOV Lip Balm is what i use. It's great! :)


  8. Second that! :) VOV has a lip balm? :O Never knew :O I'll check it asap hon, thanks for the info <3

    Namita <3

  9. It does and it's good!! :)



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