Tuesday 24 January 2012

OMG! I am SO Happy! :D

*Too excited for a formal greetings, so grabs you into a huge hug :D*

YAY! :D I am so very happy today! :D Sheeesh! I am jumping up and down LOL! :D 

OK. My exam results, precisely Engineering First Semester results just came out this afternoon, and I scored 84% :D It couldn't get any better! :D *Well it would have if I had Facebook-ed less and studied more :P But who cares? Its one helluva sexy percentage! :D*

My parents are so freaking happy :D After my disastrous 12th results, they had no hopes on me. But now, I am back baby, and with a bang :D *Hoots* *You now really think I am insane, don't you? :D*

And oh, I am getting a new cell phone :D I have a Nokia 2690 for now. It aint a bad phone, but WHO DOESN'T WANT A NEW PHONE?! :D I am gonna get a super sexy, super sleek touchscreen! 8) Finally. I earned it :) <3*

I have been grinning so much from all afternoon, I have an aching jaw :D 

I am so much more positive and interested in 2nd Semester now :) Attending college already! ^_^ 

Thatz for a small update on the biggest thing in my life right now :)

PS: You can send me gifts :) For my mailing address, just e-mail to lifeisafairytale14@gmail.com :) I accept anything pink, pretty, expensive, delicious 8) :P *I know, I am shameless that way! :D*

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  1. Congratulations Girly!!! <3<3
    And yes that IS a hell of a sexy percentage!! In fact it's super sexy!!! :P

    Hope you do well in the next semester exam too!! And wow! Congratulations again on the new phone!! :)


  2. :D Thank you thank you :D I am so overjoyed :P LOL! :D

    Yeah hon hope I do *Fingers crossed* :)
    Haha thanks much sweetie :) <3

    Namita <3

  3. I'm super happy for you that your results are that good. I still need to take 2 more exams ( and not happy about that).
    I also love your blog! It looks super cute!

  4. Haha thanks! :)

    Wish you a LOT of good luck! :) Ace them ;)
    Thanks a lot honey :) <3

    Namita <3

  5. congrats doll :) ...may u get 99.9999% in the next term :D

  6. Thank you so much Pooja :D :* Me to hope so ;) :D


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