Wednesday 25 January 2012

Oriflame Essentials Fairness Cream Review

Hello Bubbles! :) *I am gonna call you guys weird names from now on :P*

How many of believe that your 'fairness' can be 'increased'? That you can Photoshop your face in 14 days? That having a darker complexion makes you a loser? That you can succeed in life as soon as the 14 day period is over? :-| That you will be fairer than the cold blooded vampire (think Edward ^_^) *drool <3* ? I don't want to name the brands, but I honestly blame them for bringing in the complexion complex :@
Here is the deal. Your complexion depends on the concentration of melanin (a skin pigment). So yeah. NO Product can make you fairer than your original complexion. The ones that do, might be bleaching your skin. *Take utmost care using such products, that are not from trusted brands. Check with the longterm effects :o*

Coming to the review,
Product : Oriflame Essentials Fairness Cream
Brand : Oriflame
Cost : Rs. 99 (Listed at this moment in the website. My mom is an Oriflame Consultant, so I got it for free :D You may consult your consultants for current price/discount ;) :))
Quantity : 50 ml 1.6 fl.oz

Directions for use : Apply to face, neck and arms morning and evening after cleansing. For normal to Dry skin.

If you have followed the blog, you will by now know that I have oily acne prone skin. *Bangs head against wall*. ANYTHING cream-y, lotion-y breaks me out. *For latest update, I used two drops(?!) of Lactocalamine for ONE day, and got FIVE new HUGE pimples. Beat That. My Cranky Cranky Skin--Lactocalamine review coming soon :o*

SO Obviously, I have had awful blemishes. Hence, my mom wanted me to try this as a fix for blemishes. *Do I sound like an Algebra proof? :o*

Mom: "Sweetie, why don't you use this for your blemishes? They might lighten!"
Me: "Fairness creams don't work mom!"
Mom: "You say they restore your original skin color know? Give a try know? I am giving it for free! Your pocket money is safe and intact :)"
Me:"Sure? Umm okay!"

 So that is the story behind my first 'fairness' cream :D

The cream comes in a cute lil screw cap-ed bottle. It contains Mulberry extracts and Vitamin E. Its believed that both these ingredients help in lightening the skin
(Click on the image to enlarge)
Its a nice white colored (White is all colors together right? :P) cream with a rather runny consistency. Used alone, it made my T-Zone VERY VERY oily. *I should have known :@*. But coupled with sunscreen, it gives a matte finish and keeps my skin oil free for upto 5 hours 8) And that is what I truly love about this baby.*With only sunscreen, I am oil free for 2 hours at the maximum :P*
(Click on the picture to enlarge. I should get more creative with the swatch pictures, they look so Blah! :P)

About the fairness claim, I really don't believe in it. It has faded my blemishes for a little extent, nothing major here. Skin tone is slightly evened out. Nothing extraordinary. *Hell with such hopeless claims :-|*

SO is it a Fairytale or Tragedy?---- Its sort of in between :P Though I see not much improvement with blemishes/skin tone, it gives me a matte oil free face for an admirable duration. So yeah, I might not want to part with it. So lets call it a Fairytale where the Princess meets her Prince Charming but they both die the next hour? And DONT live happily ever after? :P Yeah, that is my feeling here :D

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Both the images are MINE 8)

So guys, you like? :)



  1. You know what? I feel the skin color one is born with or which develops naturally is the skin color which looks the best on that person! :)

    But still loved the review!! :)


  2. IKR! I don't understand the madness behind complexion >.<

    Thank you Cupcake! :)

    Namita <3

  3. Me too!! :P

    Your most welcome!! :)


  4. I'm goingo to buy it next catalog.
    My face and hands are darker than the rest of my body.
    I would give this cream an opportunity


  5. I never use this one before. If you please,, write the review about it :-) I love to know your opinion. Especially because I'm also an ORIFLAME addict.

    <3 from Indonesia, give some <3 back at
    --- ---

  6. i m an oriflame consultant..i find d products awesum..not bcoz m consultant so m really products like lipstick n all r jus so looks rich..

  7. nyc review really loved it :)


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