Tuesday 17 January 2012

Life is a divine Chaos! Polka Dotted Nails

Hello there! :)

Are you one of those girls that used to nibble at nails like you were famished from ages, and then suddenly developed a love for nail polish, paint and art? So much that you take care of your nails from breakage by avoiding helping mom in the kitchen and piss her off? If you are not, then its me :P

Nail Art is my first love when it comes to glamming up(?!). I have long, wide, strong nails that tolerate my chemical torture on them. *Touchwood* There have been billion crazy designs, lamest possible colours on my poor nails. You name it, I have painted it :P

Here is one of my most recent nail arts. I remember Google-ing for Nail art in the beginning of my Nail Art obsession, and this design was still haunting the back of my mind >.< 

Its a very simple creation. All I have done is put a white base coat, let it dry, and kept random dots of different colors with no particular pattern. I would suggest you start from darker colored dots at the base and gradually move on to lighter colored ones. Also, stay away from too many colors of the same family. And, for the festive-light-effect, you know those Christmas-y-Photobucket-photos, I have added Golden-Greenish-Neon Color(Could you imagine the color? :P) as the last dots. And then I have topped it off with a transparent coat.(Click on the picture to enlarge)

It looks awesome on casuals. I paired it up with a blue-jean-white-tee-with-multicolored-quotes :)

All the colors I have used are from either Big Bazaar, Reliance Trends and VOV. When you are a student surviving on meagre pocket money, these are your best friends. *Sigh*

Let me know how you like it :) And if you would like any breakdown pictures of Nail Art. :)


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