Wednesday 18 January 2012

Cupcakes Anyone?! ^_^

If  I am left alone on a deserted island, and I have an option to take nail polish or cupcakes, I will take nail polished cupcakes with me 8) *Lame I know :o But you should laugh a little, c'mon! Aaaww I know you did :P) Jokes apart, this is my favouritest (Yeah that word doesn't exist :D) nail art of mine till date :) Thanks to Google again :D (though I have customized the shape ;))

(Click on the picture to enlarge)
This design looks complicated, but it actually easy peesy! 8) All you have to do is to:

♫ Paint a white base coat. Let it dry.

♫ Use a tooth-pick/fat needle tip to draw the cupcake border. Its real easy, trust me 8) 

♫ Fill different colors inside those empty cupcake-y wraps, on different nails.

Darken the border if required.

♫ Put those colored raisins 8) (Just very tiny random colored polkas <3 The lesser, the better ;)) *Slurrrrp!!*

♫ Put those streaks of black and white on the cake :D

♫ Seal with a transparent coat!

♫ Ta-da..! You are done 8) Now go out and flaunt that girl! 8)

PS: If anyone drools over your fingers, I am not responsible. (Yikessssss...! :@ :P) 

Let me know how you liked it :)



  1. These are cute nails ! I do a lot of nail trends on my blog.. You should check them out if you want some ideas..

    twitter - @danielleturn

  2. Thanks much Daniella :) I am following your blog already! :) I would love if you could follow mine and let me know how you liked it <3


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