Tuesday 17 January 2012

Blushing Blemishes - TOD!

"No mom!! Applying lemon-juice on that stupid mark on my cheek wont help, it will just make me smell like a juice-stall :-| " "OIL? HAIR? Are you in sane mind?!" Well that was me before I actually tried any home remedies. I have been a victim of pimples, and so obviously blemishes, dry hair, chapped lips and all other such creepies that wreck havoc at a personal level. After lot cash spent on dumping chemicals on my skin and hair, and tearing hair and throwing tantrums over the results that never showed up, I decided to try the so famed Mummy's/Granny's/Neighbor's/Aunt's Home Remedies :o In this section, I'll list out the tips that worked for me(and those that didn't). So much for doubting the sanity of my mom :P

Lemon Juice - Yeah, the thirst-quench-y awesome liquid. Lemon juice contains Citrus Acid, Vitamin C and other such skin-goodie substances. If only I had listened to my mom before :( *Sob* *Sniff* I have oil mines on my skin, and NO. I am not proud of them. Naturally, I USED to break out a lot, which led to MANY blemishes on my cheeks. So much that I didn't have to use blushes to fake a pink innocent face. Instead I had monster blemishes. But now that is a thing of past  8) Well here is what you have to do. Apply lemon juice (I use un-diluted) to post washed face, patted dry. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Sensitive skinned homo sapiens might prefer diluting the Magic Potion :P It stings a little( 'little' is subjective to your pain-tolerance level :D), and stings more on open blemishes. ( I told you NOT to pick on pimples, dint I? :-| ) Wash off with warm water. DO NOT try seeking Vitamin D from sun with lemon on your face. I know we love to multitask, but if you do so here, you'll end up with more spots than you started with. You like? Me no like.

Honey- *Slurrrpp* !! Honey is a humectant meaning it retains water molecules. (You can save on moisturizer for a lil while :P) After you wash off the lemon juice, apply a coat of honey, all over the face. Its a sticky gooey mess, but hey! I prefer a mess than beautiful blemishes(Pun intended). Leave on for how ever long you want. Honey moisterizes the skin, evens out skin tone, and also, prevents further pimples as it is anti-bacterial, and baby, pimple-causing bacteria DIE in that environment  8) Muhahahaha :D *That was evil laughter :D*

This tip wont give you clear skin in a day. Its not like you apply it, and wash face, and BAMM! Flawless Skin! It takes a minimum of 15 days to show results. And I swear by it. Aint it so much better to follow this method than apply A LOT of chemicals on that adorable face reading and understanding this post?! ;) :) 

Lastly, this wont take more than 20 minutes. STOP being lazy and go squeeze a lemon. You can have a lemonade as bonus :D All of us deserve clear skin, not just your friend's friend's sister's friend you stalk on FB. ( I know you do, but I dont :O *Innocent face*)

Let me know how it works for you :) 



  1. No comments on this post! :O
    I totally loved this one.. and I m surely going to try it! :)

    1. Aww thank you so much :)
      Do try and lemme know :)
      Namita <3


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