Thursday 19 January 2012

Glitter makes life so much more fun!

Hey there cupcakes! :) 

I am here with my first product review :) I am nervous as hell though :P So what better product than my loved nail polish 8) Here goes my first review *Trumpets* :D

Product : Nail Enamel
Company : Nail Trend ( A brand by Reliance Trends)
Cost: Rs.19/- (Oh-So-Economical..!!)

I got only two colors :( *Sob* *Sniff* He asked me to go for a box of six colors (I dont remember the colors though!!) , but I doubted the quality and settled for two--- One Glitterly Pink and a Super Sexy Silver. (Stupid Me!)

♥ ♥ The pink one is named Shine Divine, also has been numbered as A16. Pretty organised I must say. Its a deep pink color with silver colored minute glitters in it. On application, the grittiness can be felt. One coat gives a rather transparent color, while three gives the exact shade in the nail pot :) These glitter grains bounce off light and make themselves look green, golden, orange and every other color you can imagine :o It doesnt look tacky though :D
Me LURVE the color...!! Its very much build-able. You can either settle for a transparent-ish (Translucent? :P *Smacks the nerdy brain*) or build it up :) 

♥ ♥ The silver is christened Silver Metallic, S10. Its a rich silver hue and boy I love it! :* Just one coat and it so opaque 8) Love love love it! :) This also has the glittery grains (I am gonna patent this phrase 8) ) , but they aren't bipolar. They just happily sit there and look silver. Uniform :) LIKEYY! 

I just painted my nails today, so cannot comment on how long they will stay on my nails. I will update the post on that :) 

Here are the pictures. I prefer making a collage with all pictures, than add single ones. Lemme know how you guys prefer it to be :) (click on the picture to enlarge)

Pretty, innit? :) And that is my favorite POOH modelling for my nail pots 8) 8)
So is it a Fairtytale or a Tragedy?? --- FAIRYTALE ofcourse! 8) Cant wait to meet him again and buy more colors. Its a steal at Rs.19/- per pot! <3 <3

So buying it? 


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