Thursday 19 January 2012

And I decided, So I will :)

Bonjour! :)

Today I want to get into paper (Or blog post :P) the words that are crammed in my head from the day I started blogging. I so didn't have the courage all this while, wondering about being judged. I have thought SO much before posting each post, you know, "OMG what if so and so thinks its ridiculous?!" "Blah blah blah blah blahhh!!" but then the Great Realisation! BAM! Its MY blog 8) 

So yeah. I am an Engineering student. My awesome college has uniform for 1st year babies. *Rolls eyes* . So everyday, I wear one awful patterned churidar in grey and white color. Yup yup, you read it right. Though I have started liking it these days ( 'If you cannot have what you like, like what you have' :@) , its such a pain not to be able to wear what I want to. Well just another half year to go, so I am a happy girl :D 
My 11th and 12th standard were in a equally disastrous college, that had dress code as "No jeans, no leggings, no sleeveless, no skirts,no open hair, no colored hair, no life" So again, I was stuck with churidars. No offence to anyone who loves them, but after a while, it gets pathetic. Try wearing them for 2 years straight. N oh, no figure hugging churidars. DIE!!
All this ranting to let you know that I have hardly gotten chance to wear what I like, and develop a styling sense of my own. The only time I would get to flaunt would be in my coaching classes :P And boy oh boy, I so did :D *"Damn we dont have time to study, and she has time for colored eyeliners?! OMFG!" -- My tuition classmates :P*

When it comes to family, I rather have a strict dresscode. Nothing above knee and beyond sleeveless tops.( My dad doesnt like sleeveless too :o) Well I respect them, so no rebelling :)

I take a lot care of my skin. Yes. I do freak out at the sight of a new pimple, I pout at dry hair like the Dove ad girl, I hyperventilate if I am a day late to my salon visit. I do get guilty over a double-cheese-pizza. But this doesn't mean I have THE PERFECT skin/hair. I STILL break out, STILL have bad hair days and STILL fuss about my fluctuating weight. ( I am a lil on the chubbier side btw) :o
I have friends who dont give a sh*t about how they look, how many blemishes, and stuff like that concerned with external appearance. I am not making fun of or being judgmental. All I am trying to say is its about our personal choice. I choose what I want to do :)

So when I started a blog that would include fashion, skin care, product reviews etc, I was naturally real self-conscious. I almost felt it was silly. To be honest, no one in my close circle owns a blog like this. I hardly have few friends with whom I can discuss about sunscreens, spot treatment for that monster pimple or about accessorizing outfits.
That made squirm in my seat at the thought of posting product reviews, photo tutorials, Outfit Of the Day and similar posts. I somewhere was afraid of being judged. "What if.... :o " *Ohh just shut up stupid brain! :-|* I spoke to my guy at length on should I or shouldn't I be posting above mentioned blogpots. And mahn I really admire my fella. He is so cool! You know he just doesn't give a DAMN about what people might think. If he wants to do it, he will do it. Simple :)

And I have decided to apply his principle in my life :) I have always wanted to be a good blogger, and I will follow my dreams. My present life might not allow me to reach the highest potential, but hey! This blog is here to stay  :) And it will. If not soon, I sure will post everything I have always wanted to. 

MY Blog, MY rules, MY life..! After all, Life is a Fairytale <3 And I make it happen :)

Agreeeeeeeeee??? :) 

*Serenity descends on my head* ^_^  ^_^ 

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