Sunday 22 January 2012

The Frizz Monster - TOD!

"No mom!! Applying lemon-juice on that stupid mark on my cheek wont help, it will just make me smell like a juice-stall :-| " "OIL? HAIR? Are you in sane mind?!" Well that was me before I actually tried any home remedies. I have been a victim of pimples, and so obviously blemishes, dry hair, chapped lips and all other such creepies that wreck havoc at a personal level. After lot cash spent on dumping chemicals on my skin and hair, and tearing hair and throwing tantrums over the results that never showed up, I decided to try the so famed Mummy's/Granny's/Neighbor's/Aunt's Home Remedies :o In this section, I'll list out the tips that worked for me(and those that didn't). So much for doubting the sanity of my mom :P 

Wooden Comb - Before I start off on why wooden comb, let me lament about my hair. I have thick, almost long, super frizzy and dry hair. My hair loves and hates moisture. It hates moisture, so gives it away easily. And loves moisture, but cannot hold it back. There. You got it. With fly aways, split ends and dryness, I literally tear my hair apart :P Hence THE wooden comb 8)

While the static is further enhanced by plastic/fiber combs, wood calms down the frizz. It also helps to distribute the natural oils from roots to tips. Wooden combs help combating fly aways, and when you want to distribute that hair serum in a better way, its easier and healthier :)

Well girls, keep in mind, never use wooden combs on wet hair/slick hair. That way wood gets spoilt faster. Use a fine brush to clean the combs. Avoid moisture :)
PS: I am too sleepy and tired to blabber more, just back from a one day trip 8) I'll put up the pictures tomorrow. What an amazing day it was! 8)

So try and tell me how you liked this tip <3

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Namita <3


  1. I will definitely add it to my dressing table accessories!! :P Though i do not have frizzy hair but as you said it's helpful!! SO why not give it a try!! :)

    Xoxo. :)
    Surabhi. <3

    P.S. --- Waiting for your next post!

  2. *Touchwood* :D Sure sweetie :) Give a try and lemme know if it worked for you :)

    PS: I just came back from college. will post asap :)
    And also, thanks a million :) You made my day! ^_^ <3

  3. I love my body shop wooden comb....damn, it made my life easy :)

  4. LOL it so does :D Wooden combs ^_^
    Namita <3


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