Sunday 22 January 2012

Capturing the heart 3

Hello Ms.Sweetums :)

We all have those times when we feel like sh*t, don't we? "OMG! I am so flabby..!!" "Oh gawd! Why don't I put on some weight?!" "Christ! I hate how my nose looks!" "Why can't I just be as flawless as Ms.... (fill in her name there)" And the tantrums are just never ending. No matter how many times he tells you "You are beautiful, honey :*" or how many girls envy your hair, or the color of your eye, you just dont get re-assured. Happens with me at least :o

So I thought of this section, where I will post pictures that might make us feel better. Or rather, just repeat the truth. We all need the pampering once in a while, dont we? :) 

I honestly hope these photos make you feel good. If they make one person smile, purpose served :) (Click on the pic to enlarge) 

Image sources :
Google-d. I do not claim any ownership.



  1. I agree.. Though i do not have a boyfriend but yeah my bff and my parents say it always but you know right? :P I like the picture!! :) It does make me feel good. :D

  2. Aaaww :) The intention is just that :) It should make the person feel good ^_^ <3

  3. :| :x Moron Maiyya :| Wait till I text you >.<

  4. Inspiring <3:) I share the same views.. N I love myself.. Everyone should.. Ders no one like u.. ur lucky to be u ;) :P
    Thanks fr ur sweeeet comment hon :)

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  5. Aaawww Akanksha :) Amen! <3 Anytime sweetie :)

    Oh sure I'll check it out! Good luck with the giveaway! :)


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