Saturday 21 January 2012

Living. Life. So?

Hey there Homo Sapiens! :D
This is not a fashion slash beauty related post. Its a post that has all those words that I consciously remind myself on a daily basis. The words stolen from long forgotten articles. Words retained after Google-ing "How to be happy" after a disastrous day. (Yeah, I Google everything :P) . Words that all my personal counsellors (read my friends) use every time I go insane. Words that teach me. Words that inspire me to live my life to the fullest. And still, I am not yet living it the way I should. And its 19 years up already :o *Gasps* I am starting to sound like my Grandma now. *Smacks on the head* :D

So guys, do you really live your life to the fullest? Amidst the confusions of life, make ups - breakups, dead lines, pay cheques, battery dead cell phones, crashed hard drives, broken hearts, silent tears, yet-to-be-payed-bills and so on and so forth, do you? :) Here is my list on what to and what not to. I don't think I'll make two headings, I am way too unorganized for that :P 

Sit back and relax. When was the last time you concentrated on your breathing? (Trying to fall asleep doesn't count :o) Stop listening to the chaos of the world. Just let all the tension in you go. Ask your scalp to relax, and try letting it go. It feels good, doesn't it? :)

For a while, stop multi-tasking. You dont have to drink coffee+check mails+keep FB open in another tab+answer the phone. Do one thing at a time. BE in that moment. Live that very minute. Listening to Rihanna while thinking on when to pay the phone bill is not worth it hon. 

Break your work down into little fragments. And complete it bit by bit. 

Don't plan too much. Twenty years from today, (Oh wait! There is something about world ending on December 21, 2012 :D) LMAO! :D Just plan for the near future :)

Eat without guilt. Dont hate yourself for that cheese sandwich. When you choose to do something, do it with all your heart <3 . The more the guilt, the more you binge. Thus, more the weight. And the cycle repeats. Eat. Happily.

Truly listen to someone. That crybaby co-worker/friend can be annoying. But when you really listen and give an honest suggestion she requires, you will feel good too. 

Stop bothering about what people talk about you. Everyone talks about everyone else. You just cannot stop all from gossiping about you. Its YOUR life. Live it the way you want to. I had an annoying worry before. Everytime any random girl stared at me, I would freak out or get annoyed. But recently I have learnt that girls check out other girls in terms of what they can adopt from her style :P As long as you are not dressed vulgar, or don't have lipstick stain on your chin (happens :D And guys, lipstick stain on your cheeks ;)) , its just fine. I have learnt to give a smile if she continues staring too long :P Go ahead! Flaunt that super glittery eye liner <3

Stop nagging yourself. Everytime you focus on your so called flaw, try finding a positive quality in you. I have always been conscious of my weight (though everyone I talk to about it tells me I am not). Anytime I start fussing about my weight, I remind myself of my eyes :D I have neat nice eyes. I can use just kohl and they'll still look defined and happy. *Ohkay now I am bragging :P*

Dont over think. Worrying doesn't change anything. It just makes you more tensed, gives you wrinkles and grey hair. Remember, whatever happens, happens for the good. Everything is gonna be alright, soon :)

Compliment yourself, and others. Genuinely. Every morning before you leave, stand in front of the mirror, pout and strike that model pose you do when no one is around. (C'mon! Everyone does it. I do :D ^_^) . Say, "Have a beautiful day, Gorgeous!". It sounds so freakin' retardish, and Oh-So-Ridiculous, super silly.. But hey! Try it for a while, and see your confidence levels surge up! *And later apologise to me for giggling at this point. Hmphh!! :@*
Note to Guys: You might not be comfortable doing what is being told in the above point :P So may be you should try your 'I-am-THE-hunk' face and posture you tried on that pretty lass in Cafe Coffee Day that day. Aahh I know you did ;) I dont know any other alternatives for this :D *Giggles*

Love yourself. You spend most of your time with you. SO be nice to you, pamper you, take care of you. Yes. YOU <3 :)

So these are my ways to really live life. I thought of adding points like take photographs, dress up everyday in a small way, forgive people, write a journal, be adventurous and stuff like that. Felt they might make another post to live life more fullest. (I know its grammatically wrong. Grammer Nazis, bite me 8)) 

Now go ahead, print this out and stick in your bedroom 8) :* <3

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