Saturday 20 December 2014

India Circus - Christmas Edition. Well almost.

Its a beautiful Saturday evening. I am by the beach right now, lounging with my martinis. I am a beach person *sigh*, but you know that already :) Its been a perfect weekend, away from the annoying city lights. Did you know how marvelous twinkling stars are? :) So I thought I'll blog.

Okay, I lied.

I am FINALLY in my new room which is FINALLY habitable! There is no weird Asian paints smell, taps actually work *whoa* and my bed ain't makeshift and no new room every night :') Simple joys. And I am blogging because I finally got to edit pictures. 

This watch from India Circus deserves this much attention and work, okay? 

India Circus is the brainchild of Krsna Mehta. I have always been a regular there, you can read my previous posts herehere and here. Since I am sucker for all things desi printed, and adorable and fascinating in general, India Circus is a favorite shopping destination. 

This time, they sent across this lovely, lovely watch, ever so sweetly. Let me let you in on a secret - I have a thing for watches. Men's watches, mostly. I end up sneaking away daddy's watches most times, but then I also gift him watches most times but well. You get the point. So when given a choice, I mostly opt for men's watches

The watch straps are of rubber . The quality is good too, it has lasted well with a clumsy girl like me :D *You don't know how many times I end up hitting walls and random corners -_- *

Talking the style aspect, even guys have complemented me on the watch :D That's a rare, you see. So if you are looking forward to gift this festival season, this watch makes a great option :) 

They also have a lot of other products, definitely check them out. You can read the other three posts for gifting options. 

Let me know what you think okay?

Plus follow me you guys, I am fun. I promise. Links are below, just in case you didn't notice.

*Eh eh I am shameless like that*

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PS: I am back, for real. My friends were really worried, like all the banter that I release here was in chat boxes most times. 
PPS: Praveen, hi. See I blogged, happy? :P 

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  1. Beautiful design and enjoy your new independence lot. Merry Christmas.


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