Thursday 11 December 2014

December Favorites

My OCD has kicked in and has stayed at the extreme level on the top side of the graph. When I tell you shifting to a new house is the most messy thing that can happen on planet Earth, you should really believe me. I never knew we owned so many bags, plates, bowls, random bedspreads and pillowcases. Plus coconuts. South Indians love coconuts. Freakin' hell there are coconuts everywhere. Dry coconuts, tender coconuts, coconut's hair-like-thing, whatever you call it. Ugh. Plus there are photos of various deities. Did you that India has over 300 crore worshippable gods? *touches left hand to right cheek and right to left

After three days, I finally found my laptop's charger today. Here is a post, don't be mad at me. I haven't even listened to Blank Space once yet, directing all of the electricity and bandwidth to this post. Okay? 

So in December, and from the past two months, these have been my winter staples. I have been using these products consistently, thought I will share with y'all :D 

1. Neutrogena Sun Block SPF 50 

Though its winter, I have the fantastic ability to tan like a boss. So yea, sun blocks are my staple, all through the year. This particular sun block works like a charm, doesn't cause breakouts and fares pretty darn well. Me likes. Its an HG for me. 

2. Dove Fresh Nourishing Body Wash Cucumber and Green Tea

I am a sucker for all things fresh and nice. Fruity and citrusy smells, not really my favorites. I prefer scents that wake me up and don't rub themselves in my face. Dove fits in perfectly - its smells good enough, and I won't smell like a citrusy perfume sample. 

3. Maybelline Colorsensational Lipstick in Hooked on Pink

This lipstick is perfect for the gloomy winters. it brightens the face and doesn't look OTT. Major love. I am already stocking up the new one. 

4. Garnier BB Cream

I am not really a foundation fan for everyday wear. I prefer light creams that give good coverage yet don't sit thick on skin. This baby fits the bill perfectly. Likes.

5. Aroma Magic Under Eye Gel 

This has always been my staple eye gel. You can read about it here..  

6. Garnier Pure Active Scrub with Apricot extract

This is a new product that I received a couple of days ago, and boy, I like it. Its the perfect scrub for winter and the dead skin cells winter brings. I have been using it once a day everyday, right before I pile on some acne cream. It ain't abrasive, its not so mild that its useless. 

7. Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer

I have oily skin, so I always prefer light, water based moisturizers. I have been religiously using Clean and Clear, I got bored and switched to this. Its a lovely peach colored product and smells so good too ^_^ It moisturizes well and doesn't make my skin greasy. Win.

8. Lotus Lip Balm

Hello, fellow chapstick addicts. You'll love this one. It leaves a little pink pigment, and keeps lips hydrated.

9. Oriflame The One Eye Liner Stylo

This newly launched eye liner is a god send for clumsy people like me. I swear, winged eye liners were never easier. Await a review :)

10. Oriflame The One Mascara

How important mascaras are, ask someone who bats her eyelashes away through any mess ;) :P This mascara works, period. Await a review too :)

11. VLCC Kajal

I ran out of my HG Kajal recently, and haven't had time to go shopping. *Sad life, I know* VLCC has been a good kajal, though it smudges pretty easily. May be because I am fidgety and touch my eyes a lot? 'Cuz my sister doesn't face the smudge problem. 

Next time, I won't use my keyboard as a background :D I promise :) Lets all hope I find my lost accessories, clothes and oh, books. Plus DVDS. And umm, hall ticket. 

Let me know what you think :)

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