Sunday 12 October 2014

Smoke Rings.

Dear boy,

Its raining non stop here and I miss you. I miss the way you say my name. I miss the way you twirl the key around your index finger. I miss the way you catch it from falling when you twirl it a little too much. I miss the way you smile. I miss those dimples of yours. You know what is the best way to conserve water? The next time it rains, look up and smile. Let the rain fill in those deep dimples of yours. And when you smile, remember I want to be the rain drops. :) And here I am, missing the texture of your stubble. I miss ruffling your hair, boy. I miss messing your hair. I miss the way you try and pull yourself away, but really, just come closer :) Or wait, is it all in my head? Do you really want to pull yourself away?

I miss the way you sit with your aviators on, on a cloudy day, though its a little too much. I mean, its cloudy, dude -__- But then you sit there on your bike patiently waiting, I miss you. I miss the way your lips curl up just a little, maintaining that smug "Oh I wasn't waiting for that long you know" when you see me. Boy, I know you know how much I hate waiting. And I miss how you never make me wait :) What's with the attitude, anyway? *rolls eyes*

I miss how I always know you are looking for a smoke. Those lungs of yours, may Almighty save them -_- But then I am not your mom. I miss the smoke rings, boy. And that customized way you smell - smokes and perfume. 

I miss how you rant after a long day of work at the office. I miss how you tell me about your day, complete with swearing for punctuation. I miss how you tell me about those games. Eh, I remember. Wait let me list them down - NFS, DOTA umm. That's all I remember. I miss how I would list them down before I would talk to you, just so I could make a conversation. 

I miss sitting by you in the pub. You chug down beer with the guys, I shot down tequila after tequila with my girls. I miss how you hum in the car, just a little drunk, searching for a good song. I miss how vulnerable you are in those few minutes, you know? I miss how your fingers somehow search and end up with mine. I miss how you stare away into the ceiling.  I miss how your eyes fill up just a little. When you avoid eye contact, boy, I know, you are thinking about the girl that broke your heart. I miss how much I will want to hold you then, boy. But no, I won't. You know why? 'Cuz I shouldn't. You aren't mine, boy. You belong to none, well. But you don't belong to me either. 

You'll never know I wrote all this just for you, because boy, I will never tell you. I'll act super cool around you and tell you you're a very good friend. I will take care of you and tell you I have no crushes. I will tell you boys are mean and men are pigs. You'll never know 'cuz well, I cannot risk a thing :). Its hard to resist a bad boy who is a good man. But I'll. 

 Because you are too precious to me boy, you and your smoke rings

Too precious. 

Always yours, though you don't know and never will,
Me :) 

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PS: Hi. Its fiction. Just a work of random thoughts, I read too much and feel too much. Sappy, I know.
PPS: Dear Boy Dear Girl series aren't continuations. This is for a different boy from a different girl.
PPPS: For other Dear Boy Dear Girl stories, go here.
PPPS: You like? Let me know. 


  1. Hey seem to be revealing some well kept secrets....
    Beware of the fraternity of "in love with friend" girls .....LOL

    Really nice read...enjoyed every word..

    1. Well, these are some rare occurrences, so don't get your hopes high :D Friendzoning nice guys is still the shizz :P
      And thank you :)


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