Sunday 19 October 2014

India Circus Kinda Love

You see, with final year, comes a lot of factors. First off, you are a senior, so that swag. Second off,  lesser number of classes, so hello, half a day thrice a week :') Sweet, eh? Third, the emotions. Emotions like, "We are in final year already :( We should stop being mean to each other and hang out, you know?" or "See its a half day anyway, why don't we bunk the first half and go get some rolls near Ramaih? I'm so bored ya :(" and the like. That means, I have to be always ready to rush to impromptu plans. But then, how can one be not prepared, right? That is where this freakin' adorable utility pouch comes into picture.

By now you should know that I'm a sucker for cute Indian-ish prints. *If not, you should really read more posts. *hmph*). Autos, elephants, HORN OK PLEASES, hi :) Okay so when India Circus sent across this pouch, I was almost squealing with joy. Like I mean just look at it, will you? Kolhapuri print on color blocks? Sold.

India Circus has always been known for the lovely products. You can find other posts here and here. I don't think I'll ever have enough of the brand! 

Its perfect to fit in a compact compact (eh, got it?), a tiny brush, one kohl pencil, a couple of lipsticks, some tissues and also a lipbalm if its slim enough. 

The material inside is soft and nice. The pouch is water proof and clumsy proof, I have tested it. Its faux leather, by the way.

 The other day I was so deeply in talks with the #bestie, I didn't realize the poor pouch was drenched in rain -_- But well, no water had seeped in, so its a win. 

It fits perfectly in the bag and has enough cushioning inside to save itself, in-case you are Ms.Butterfingers. 

You can buy it here.. Since Diwali is around, it makes a perfect gift if you have a sucker-for-prints girlfriend/sister/female in life. Safe choice, bro. 

So yea that's about it. Let me know how you like it :)

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PS: Its a sponsored post, the brand sent the product. You know me.
PPS: The title is courtesy of Alia Bhatt, I was forced to listen to Ishq waala love. Bollywood. *shakes head*
PPPS: Hi. 

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