Saturday 13 September 2014

Thank you, hottie.

*pants, takes deep breath* *phew!* 

Hey Hottie,

Hi. You don't know me, I know you. *pants* Since its been a while, I thought I will write this letter and let you know. Well since you don't know me, I have been brave enough to write this to you. *wink* Dear God, let him not know about my blog, please please please! *shuts eyes and prays fervently* 

Okay so I first saw you that cloudy evening when I was a sweaty mess from all the running. Burning 400kcal was no joke. When I had another 8 minutes of running and huffing and puffing to do, there you came in your track pants and nice biceps. Jeez, that's when I lost it, dude. You know I plug my ear pods in to avoid the creepy guys, but seeing you with no ear pods and not a care in the world, I had to mute music. Then you started running, with absolutely no clue about a pair of eyes with no makeup, stalking you. Do you gym too? How can anybody have such fantastic biceps and torso only by running? :O

Starting then, I have bumped into you *not literally, I wish though! ;)* like some 5 times in two weeks. All those days when I have been half an hour late than my regular time. I plan on being half an hour late than my regular time from now on. No particular reason, really

You see, I owe a lot to you. Every extra calorie I have burned to keep in pace with you. Since you are a seasoned runner and I am a beginner level on jogging, its hard for me. But I have been trying, and now, I can almost keep up with you. Every time you bend down to tie them shoe laces, I stop and pace and pant and breathe and be born again. What? Its hard okay? I have to act like I am not noticing you at all when those biceps are pretty much glistening in my face. *Sigh* I am squatting lower these days, preparing for one of those days where I'll outrun you. C'mon, lets be honest, 99% of the people workout to get laid, no? Also, I owe the increased heart rate to you. My Endomondo lady seems pretty pleased with my heart rate and calorie burn these days, she thinks I am running faster ;) Lets keep it that way, everybody is happy. Win win.

So anyway, please continue running all the time okay? You are my biggest motivation, hottie. That ass tho. *Sigh sigh* :P Not just motivation, you are the love of my life, I think. According to my horoscope for this year, until 2015 August or something, I am in the phase of love, like finding the love of my life and all that jazz. I was talking about you to my bestie, she thinks I have finally found love. In her own words, "Whoa sounds like a cutie! Score, babe! Love is back in life, he wasn't lost in traffic. He was lost jogging :D"

Enough for today. Hottie, please don't be in love with someone else, please don't have somebody waiting on you :( Because, that ass tho! 

Until tomorrow evening,

Yours sincerely,

Not Stalking You At all, I am Subtle Like That 8)

PS: Did you like, smile at me today? I think you did. 

Thank you, hottie. :)

:* :* :* :* :*

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PS: Its not fiction, its based on a real life story.
PPS: I found the cutest guy ever. Massive crush. Love of my life. Very handsome he is.
PPPS: Sigh.
PPPPS: Hiiii :P How you guys been? :)
PPPPPS: I hope to Lord he never finds this out, else he is getting a restraint order against me. Endomondo doesn't have options like "Who is stalking me and blogging about me?", know?

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