Saturday 14 June 2014

They clinked.

The alarm cooed, announced the arrival of 7 AM of that day. I opened my eyes, a small smile on my lips.  A mess of soft curls fell on my face. The lingering smell of the familiar shampoo was comforting. I flipped around and nuzzled into the pillow. The extra five minutes of sleep. But for some odd reason, I couldn't sleep. My heart was beating faster, and yet, I hadn't been that peaceful in years. There were one million thoughts in my head, and surprisingly, I hadn't been calmer than that before. I knew my mind was muddled with thoughts, and yet I knew, nothing could match the serenity that had engulfed me. 

I flipped around again and turned to the side. The wish of an year had come true. Every little tear, every single fear, every doubt and every insecurity had lead to this. I couldn't help gaze back on the path that had brought me there. Every event that had led to another. The chain that held the sporadic events in perfect sync. The chords of the guitar and the ups and downs of the voice. 

"Good morning, beautiful", he put an arm across my waist. How would he know I am awake?

I faced him, another set of curls gazing my cheeks. He tucked them behind my ear, mildly annoyed at their intervention. His eyes shone bright, what with the twinkle I fell for twinkling all the more. He pulled me closer, and I looked up to face his handsome face. The stubble was perfect, just the way I liked it. My palm involuntarily went for his cheeks.  How couldn't I not touch someone so gorgeous? I couldn't get over the perfection that was him. The unruly mess of hair, those bright eyes, the straight nose, the jawline, the lips, oh! I was drinking in every inch of him. My fingers ran through his hair, the back of his head, the nape of his neck. He remained aloof to my stalking and indecency, peacefully resting his one hand on my waist while the other drummed against my cheek. I strained my neck to plant a kiss on his mouth, and he pushed himself down to reach my lips. What a gentleman.  If perfection was personified, it would still not be at par with him. His hand went up to the nape of my neck and a stray finger caressed the sides of my throat. I put a hand on his chest to stabilize myself, I didn't want to fall, I had already fallen way too much, beyond hope. 

"So here we are!", he exhaled. 

"Jeez, I know". I didn't know. I had to register being there. 

"You okay?", he was concerned at the sudden paleness on my face, my throat was dry. 

"Yea, I am", I reached for water. 

"I love you", he held my chin. 

"I love you too", tears flooded my eyes. 

"Hey!", he pulled me into his chest. 

My phone beeped while I sniffed.

I freed myself from his grip and reached for the beeping nuisance

"Do you both plan on coming out of that room ever? We are almost certain of you guys having died. We are too embarrassed to knock the door. Please save something for tonight too. Sincerely, your best friend and close to 56 people belonging to two different clans.
PS: I hope you guys had a good time. Oh yea ;) ;)"

"Its her, isn't it?", the sly smile spreading on my face was infectious, he caught it too. 

"Of course its her", I sat straight and stretched, and put my feet down. The henna had darkened. Apparently, he loves me a lot. I smiled at the thought.

The tip of his one finger ran on the surface of the ridiculous number of bangles on my wrist as they clinked. 

For the first time in months, there was competition to the chords of his guitar. 

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PS: The image doesn't belong to me.  If it belongs to you and want it down, shoot me a mail. I have provided a link to where I found it.
PPS: Fiction. Yes. I couldn't get over the stack of bangles I saw on a girl today. It's like, I was loafing around in Orion and a pretty girl in a beautiful dress walked by, the clinking of her bangles caught my attention for too long :)
PPPS: I hope you liked it.


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