Sunday 4 May 2014

I didn't complain.

I think that is when the Earth stopped revolving, you know. For a split second, every thing froze. Except for your smile. I was on phone, but all my senses were out of order. As you stood there waving at me, trying to get my attention from beyond the screen, little did you realize that you were messing with revolving things, boy? You messed with the planets, damnit. So I bid my phone call away and got myself ready for many moments of asphyxiation. In all honesty, you took my breath away. I didn't complain. 

I was chattering, riding shotgun next to you is,umm.  You were calm and composed. Stealing glances, smiling at the talkative, nervous wreck called me. You knew you were having that effect on me, didn't you? Still, I didn't complain.

I should have known when you didn't talk. I should have known when you let me talk, letting myself drain to exhaustion.

Because you knew, you knew how hard I was trying to keep myself composed. Jerk.

You didn't let me sweat, you kept meddling with the AC knobs. You knew my temperature, of course you did. What with all the innocent brushing against my arm, messing with my pulse. You were setting me off. With every passing moment the Fahrenheits ran up, haywire. Nah, I didn't complain.

You parked the car by the curb with not a clue given before. The setting sun was by my side. Not a word from your mouth. You turned around, an elbow resting on the steering wheel and the other hand tracking the curve from my cheek to my chin, and back up. And down. Fahrenheits were losing it. I didn't want to complain.

I looked into your eyes but no, I couldn't hold your gaze. You stared deep down to my soul, with not an ounce of shattered confidence, not a single somersault in you. You looked unfazed, measuring everything I was, drinking me in just by looking at me like that. A ghost of smile on your face, you knew what you wanted. You knew you needed your want. You never once looked away. I never once beat you to it. You were the sun, I was melting away. Plus the escalating Fahrenheits. What was with the intensity, boy? Why would you sweet pierce into my soul like that? You knew I needed oxygen right then, didn't you? You knew I was surviving on what little breaths I managed to draw in. What with your dark hazel eyes intimidating my brown ones. 

But you had to take those last few breaths away, didn't you? 

You motioned me to wait, and walked out. Do you realize you were committing a half murder? A grace like that in a rogue like you nearly killed me. But I couldn't cry foul, the door on my side opened, you stood there stretching a palm out for me to catch. I obliged. I had to, needed to. 

Why would you hold me like that, holding me and unholding me at the same time? Why did you have to run your fingers through my hair and linger them on my waist, like that? You monster. One touch of yours and a million fireworks exploded within me. Did you have the slightest clue? Of course not. 

When your lips fell on mine, like that, I left hopes on the breaths, boy. I surrendered. I let you take over me. 

You finally showered enough mercy to let me catch a few breaths, after like what? Four minutes. Jeez, boy. But you know what happened after? Those intense eyes of yours took them all away, all over again. You knew you were having that effect on me, didn't you? Is that why you pulled me into your arms and slid an arm to the small of my back? I didn't know. Because before I could get my brain to function, you were stealing me, ah-gain. Why are you so obsessed with my breathing now, tell me already. But you know what? I didn't complain.

Because right when you stole my heart away, you gave me yours. 

And why would I complain, with a heart like that, being all mine, boy? :)

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