Monday 24 March 2014

Random Life Update

Hii!! *jumps up and down, up and down*

So yea, I am way too happy to apologize for having gone absconding, you guys are so used to it by now, and no. I am not a bad, bad blogger ;)

This is what happened : ---> College trip to Kerala!

That pretty much sums up everything :D 

A plan that got planned in precisely three days culminated in sore throat and muscle cramps that I can still feel. And just three days before I left to Kerala, I was screaming my lungs off in my college fest. 

*Trust me when I say I am such a sweetheart of a blogger. I had scheduled posts till 15th March ^_^*

I wish I could post pictures of the trip right now, but most of my pictures are in friends' cameras and we are still in the process of collecting and sorting them. Still, go to my Instafeed here for some :)

Now that I am back home, I am gearing up for a crazy hectic April. The last semester of pre-finals, just before the placement fever catches -_- And the million questions of higher studies and work experience and blahdiddyblahblah. *sigh*

My fitness went a little too off track, though I tried and followed a good diet. *Does dancing for random songs in moving bus and otherwise for three days, count as cardio? :P* So coming week, I shall be getting back to regular workouts. *I need a week of rest after a week of trip. Damn the ghat sections. Damn the nauseating feel. God bless Domstal. And boy, does anybody know how to get rid of cheap songs out of head? I have been humming and dancing for this extremely annoyingly addictive song all day -_- * 

Umm so. Thank you so much for all the lovely mails for the Ridiculous series. I too am sad it got over. I swear, it is fiction :D Hehe. I shall of-course let you guys know when I find my Dhruv, he is just the perfect guy in my head :) Dhruv is my literary hero, straight out of my heart. I have a habit of making up people in my head, magnifying their good qualities. You might say Dhruv is a faint reflection of my best friend :) So yea, lol. Like I said before, there are no beans to spill :D I shall write another series as I feel like.

Other than that, I started reading two new books - Looking For Alaska by John Green, and You Can Win by Shiv Kher. Plus guys, suggest new songs please! I am running out of music and have no time to discover new ones. -_- 

This coming week, look forward for posts on fitness and skin care tips (sun tan, why you so irritating!), and also a very cutesy post ;)

I might be a little irregular replying to comments, don't hate me. I told ya, hectic, hectic semester ahead.

How you guys been? Let me know! And to stay connected, 

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  1. You were in Kerala?? Awesome girl. Saw few pics in your instagram account. Isn't it scorching hot in Kerala now...I couldn't stand the hot and humid climate last time I went to my hometown. All the best for your placements...

    1. Hehe ya :D Its so freakin' hot, I swear I wanted to never get off the water -_- Its sticky like eeww! Aaww, go home soon!

      Thank you Opal :)

  2. Lovely Post Nami:) and u have a lovely blog:)

  3. hey welcome back home and glad you had a nice, fun trip. my trip got delayed but i am finally going tomorrow so I will be MIA for a while now hahah
    Good to know you had a lovely time. take care <3

    1. CC! Travel safe :) And thank you :D I had a gala time :D

      have a nice vacation CC, will miss you :*

      Take care :)

  4. Your posts are fun namitha !!!!!! look forwardto reading more !! Do check out my blog


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