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Oh.So.Ridiculous - (7)

PS: Its been quite a long you read the chapter one, peeps. Nam thinks you should revise from chapter 1, 'cuz there are quite a many references in this chapter. You shall not blame Nam if the chords don't hit right. She talks a lot, so there's a lot to remember. Bear with her.

PPS: If you are new to the series (or will listen to Nam and revise), here you go:

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"You were in your own mess, Nam. Remember, until a couple of months ago you were struggling to get over douche bag number 3. I didn't want to stress you out."

"So you let me stress you out with my stupid breakup saga after dating him for 3 months?"

"You didn't stress me out Nam, I know you needed me"

"And now I know you never needed me. Its always been me, needing you."

"NAM! No no please. Its not that way."

"So which way is it?"

"I am sorry, I really am."

"You don't have to be. I am glad you chose to tell me at-least now. I am honored."

"Nam please, don't. You have every right to be mad at me, but postpone it to after a while, okay? I really, really need you now."

"No, you don't. You are Mr. Awesome. You can handle it, any complication, any mess. Even me. Of-course, how would I know? I am a noob when it comes to such things.""

I didn't want to talk to him. I was mad at her. For having broken my best friend' heart. I was mad at him, for not having told me. For having gone through this pain all by himself.

It all made sense now, the puzzle pieces put themselves in perfect places, completing the picture.

His elevated drinking, the regular last seen at 3 14 AM, the gym bunking, the "I am busy right now, Nam. Will call back later" at 1 AMs. Everything made so much sense. "Not really, she has too many commitments this weekend"  "Yea, I will. She must be asleep by now."

I sat there stunned and mad, sad and hurt. I was sorry for him. All I wanted to do was to comfort him, but I was so sad myself, I wanted him to comfort me and tell me its okay. His relationship was the ultimate benchmark for me, it was him and her that had helped me keep faith in stupid things called love. I had always, always looked for traces of Dhruv in all the guys that I had dated. A slideshow of it all ran in my brain. 

"But Nam, she didn't call. This happens all the time."

"May be she is really busy, Dhruv. Give her space."

"She fell asleep while talking to me, how cute!"

"Aww yea!"

"She got mad at me 'cuz I asked her who she was on call with at 2 AM Nam! This is the 6th time this month!"

"Stop keeping a count, moron. Don't stalk her all the time." 

Somehow, I felt responsible for his broken heart. 

I sat there glum, disappointed. How could this be possible? 

"Nam? Talk to me, please?", he peeped into my face, I was staring down. 

"Hey no! You will not shed one single tear! Nam! Come here!", and I was in his arms, doing the exact opposite of what I was supposed to do.

"No Dhruv, listen. Are you okay?", I pulled myself away and prohibited the tears. Idiot. 

"I am, Nam. I really am. I was messed up for a while. I lost focus and was typical, but hey! Life's got to move on. She has her reasons.I don't have to understand and accept them. When I loved her, I loved her right. I gave her everything I could. But somethings aren't just meant to be. That's about it. I spent close to four months moping around and then let it go. I am absolutely okay."

"So you are over her now? Then what made you all cranky?"

"Its a little more complicated. How about we talk it over at the beach? Its already 5. Time flew past! Just like old times. Lets freshen up and hit the waters, okay? Let me go check on the retards. You get ready."

He walked out and I took a deep breath. I was in desperate need of a shower - disappointment hung over me like annoying humidity. 

Within an hour, we were at the beach. I was in no mood to jump into the waters. I just wanted to talk about the complication. The other four were ecstatic at the sight of water, we two decided to take a walk. 

The evening was fantastic - red orange rays of the sun engulfed the beach, the salt waters kept brushing against the skies. The golden sands shone under the rays. It was postcard picture perfect

"What is the complication, Dhruv?", I initiated the conversation after a ten minute walk away from the crowd.

Abruptly, he stopped walking and turned to face me. His eyes shone with a glee I hadn't spotted in the past few hours. A ghost of smile on his lips, he looked deep into my eyes.

"Dhruv? Hello?", I waved my fingers in-front of his eyes.

"Do you know that feeling? When your whole existence tells you something over and over again? That little voice in your head confidently believes in a thought?"

"No, not really. Right now my whole existence is telling me that you have suddenly become extremely philosophical and it is creeping me out"

"You want to know why I never told you? Okay, here's why. To be honest with you, the only person I wanted to be with through that phase was you, only you. The extents of how much I have missed you is beyond explanation. Every waking hour I have missed your R&D lectures on life, on love. I have missed having you around as an agony aunt. I have typed huge messages, and sent them to my drafts folder. Until one day. Three months ago, one day when I was sitting idle in my room. I had formatted all digital memories of her that I had, and was randomly going through the photo album. A picture of you and me, on my birthday, came through. You were next to me, pulling me by my neck almost breaking it, a big grin on your face. I was struggling to fit into the frame, your midget frame always makes me bend down to fit into the photo frame. I had a huge grin on my face too. I realized at that moment, Nam, the happiest of all my memories are with you. Yes, I loved her, but no. The happy memories belonged to you. You are the one that knows me, you are the one with the telepathic communication. You are the one that texts "Kaminey, where are you?" at 1 AM if I don't send goodnights. I realized that in the past few months, thanks to being busy all the time, I was missing out on you. So much. I knew that to be alright, to be human, for me to be glued back into one piece, I needed you. And that is when I realized, Nam, I was in love with you. That made me guilty, you know? The guilt got me cranky. I thought I was rebounding. I didn't want to mess up things with you. I took a break from everything for a few weeks, just to check if it was a crush. No, I love you. Last night, all I wanted to do was kiss you in the car. I almost held your hand but restricted myself to touching your fingers. It drove me mad! The fact that I couldn't just kiss you. I wanted to sit next to you and watch you sleep. You would call me haraami then, know? Plus Shrav felt it might mess up things if I did anything without telling you. That's what got me grumpy, mad at myself for still not telling you.  I have known you over years, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. After all, falling in love with your best friend is the best kind of love, they say. So here I am, Nam, telling you why I didn't tell you. You see, I love you. Like really, really love you. So yea, what do you think?"

I had always, always looked for traces of Dhruv in all the guys that I had dated. 

And now Dhruv stood there, all smiles, telling me that he loved me. 

He was still standing still. I was calculating the amount of jelly in my knees Nobody had ever made me this tipsy and topsy. Except him. Thoughts in my head went to space and came back. Twice. My best friend, my most favorite person in the whole wide world was in love with me. The ridiculously hot guy was in love with me. I stood there soaking it all in - the sunset, the sunshine and my sun. All of them. Though my just a little over six feet sun blocked the annoying sun from lighting my face, I stood there, wondering. I think I was having a heart failure. I mean too much blood rushed into my face and back, face and back. 

"Nam? You..."

"Umm yea."

And right then, at that exact moment, my face split into two. He put the pieces back into one piece, holding each side of my face in one hand. His lips traced the curves of mine and his one hand rested on my waist. Several electrons filled my nervous system and replaced the blood. The electricity lit my face up. The part of the brain that handles kissing your best friend and falling in love with him was working overdrive. The butterflies in my tummy were rapidly mating, multiplying. His other hand was managing my annoyingly long hair. The mess of hair framed his forehead, some strands carelessly fallen on his eyebrows and inching dangerously close over his eyes. I disciplined them. 

After full three minutes, I smiled. 

"What?", he pulled my face closer to his and his lips away from mine. 

I nodded a nothing. 

"You know, its so adorable when you nod for answers. You did it all day in the beginning few days of our friendship."

"Umm yea"

"You are so beautiful, Nam"

"Dhruv, its already awkward kissing you, I mean, I am freakin' out here. Don't talk to me like the typical guy. I don't want anything between us to change. Except for extra privileges. Our retards know it all by now?"

"They all already know. I planned the trip, damnit. You want nothing to change? Okay, you know what? You are so so hot! Its criminal to be so hot!" and he winked at me.

I laughed and hid myself in his stupid chest. The green apple-mint-vanilla damnitness hit me. I nuzzled deeper. I was right, that's exactly how handsome smelt like. 

The ridiculously hot species had heard me on that day, after all. 

PPPS: No more ridiculousness. Let me know how you like it.
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