Tuesday 11 March 2014

Love Long Hair - 3

Here is a quick post before I go and pack up for tomorrow. I am going to my *screams with glee* aunt's place *jumps up and down* and won't be home anytime soon :D *Not really, maximum I have is 3 days -_- I have college to attend. Oh and yes, NMIT's annual fest 'Anaadyanta X' is happening. All you guys in Bangalore should totally come. Its awesome :)*

You guys do remember that I have taken up a blind test? Go here for updates.

Here is the second review.

I used it on oiled hair and also extremely-dry-hair-that-I-ironed-without-heat-protectant. *hides face*

It fared pretty well in both places.

Oiled hair took extra shampoo to be squeaky clean, hair was more moisturized, thanks to the oiling :)

Since I flat ironed hair with no protection, my hair did turn hay. But washing with this shampoo and following up with conditioner made it okay.

I didn't see any hair fall as such.

The brand will be revealed soon, so keep the curiosity running ;)

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