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OMG, Ridiculous! - (6)

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I sat there with no clue as to what to do next. He was my best friend. Though I had majorly crushed on him for a while, he had become one of the most important people in my life. He knew me like the back of his hand.

I wondered if I should initiate a talk. I tilted my head a little but he was fast asleep by then, breathing soft. His fingers stayed on mine.

A blanket of cold air engulfed me, waking me up from my slumber. I opened my eyes and looked around. Sun was yet to rise, but yet, a beautiful, beautiful shade of coral had flooded the sky. The car was parked. Shrav was fast asleep next to me. When did that happen? I looked out of the window. Dhruv, Akki and Lily were drinking coffee. Pinto was engrossed in animated talk with the chai waala. Careful not to disturb Shrav, I opened the door and let myself out of the car and stretched. Oh, that felt good.

"Good morning missy. Coffee?", Akki waved as I walked towards them.

"No, tea please. Thank you. And a very good morning to you too."

"Ek chaai for maam, Pinto", Lily giggled.

Ten steps away, Dhruv was sitting on the pavement and intensely studying his cup of coffee. He had subtly walked away when I had approached the lot, I noticed. What? WHAT? 

I didn't want to fuss about it. When my cup of tea arrived, I hopped over to sit next to him.

"Good morning you!", I ruffled his hair.

"DONT YOU TOUCH MY HAIR! NAMM! ALL THE TIME!", he screamed, stood up and walked away.


I mumbled a weak apology and awkwardly walked back to the others.

"Don't take it to heart, Nam. He is super stressed out.", Pinto whispered.

I smiled a yea and we were all back in the car. Dhruv chose to drive, and I sat in my seat, still shocked.

Why is he so stressed?

We reached our hotel in another two hours, and decided the plan for the day. Since Akki and Pinto had driven all night, they were in desperate need of sleep. We decided to crash in till late afternoon and start the day by evening.

Dhruv kept to himself as we walked in with our luggage. He had three bags - his back pack, his bag in one hand and mine in another.

"Umm Dhruv? I need my bag", I was a little intimidated. Why oh why was I? But hey, he had never yelled at me before, never.

"Yea, I'll keep it in your room", he walked away before I could reply.

"Akki, what's with Dhruv? He seems so strange", I couldn't contain it anymore.

"Yea, Nam. Umm, I don't know, well. Err, lets all hit the sack now, okay? I am so super tired. 'Night, missy."

"Well okay, you guys go ahead, I'll be there."

They all left, leaving me by myself in the lobby. I needed this time to compose myself.

We had three rooms to ourselves, to do the required permutation and combination to occupy them.

I walked into the one room that wasn't occupied yet. Pinto and Akki were already asleep in one room while my two girls giggled around in another.

Dhruv was nowhere to be seen.

 The rooms were nice - each had its own spectacular view of the blue waters.

And then I noticed, my bag was on the bed. Okay.

I felt the instant need to search for the grumpy fellow, but decided to give him some time alone.

It was all weird, so weird. My head was clouded with just so many thoughts, so,so many. What was bothering him? Why would he get so mad at me? I mean, I ruffled his hair all the time. His only reaction would be to tickle me after warning me a few times. What ticked him off?

"Umm Nam, may I come in?", Dhruv stood by the door. I glanced at the clock, an hour had passed by since I was lost in the ocean of thoughts.

"Of-course, Dhruv. Come here", I was just so glad to see him. My poor little Pokemon kid. He came in and sat next to me, and I turned to face him.

"I am sorry, I really am. I don't know what happened to me, Nam, I,I"

"Ssh, its okay. Totally okay. Now you shut the beep up and tell me, what on earth is bothering you? Why are you so lost? What is it that is makin.."

"I broke up with Priya", he cut me in. "Eight months ago."

"WHAT?", I screamed. I screamed so hard, my own voice sent my brain into vibration mode.

"I mean, what? What the hell? Why would you do that? Why didn't you tell me? OMFG its been freakin' eight months? AND YOU ARE TELLING ME NOW? DHRUUUV!!"

I was so mad at him at that moment. So, so mad. I was mad at him for not having told me. For everything that he calls me his best-friend, he had not told me that he broke up, that he had ended a relationship that was around 6 years old. WHAT THE HELL?!

He sat there without uttering a word - motionless, emotionless. All my yelling had no effect on him. He stared down at his knotted fingers. It took me five full minutes to calm myself down. When I finally touched his shoulder, he looked up at me. Tiny little tears at the brim of his eye.


Before I knew, I had pulled him into my arms. He was holding the tears back. And all I could do was to hold him the tightest I could and try sshhing him.

That is what you can do when the strongest person you know almost breaks down. I had wept a multiple times in front of him, and every time I did, he would say the exact perfect words and calm me down. Just being in his arms while I wept would pace me. He was my tranquilizer. He knew how to handle a broken me. But I. I am not the type of people that can comfort. A hug is all I know. Though I am the most talkative person general public usually comes across, I get tongue tied in situations like this. I just can't fathom the thoughts into audible words. Not when my best-friend is trying so hard to hold his tears back.

"Dhruv, listen, Dhruv, its okay, ssshh, its going to be fine. Dhruv listen to me, will you?"

He didn't listen to me.

For the next half an hour, I let him sob. I let him silently let the pain go. As minutes passed by, his breathing came back to normal. He teared himself away from me.

"It was all a huge mess, Nam. One day I went to pick her up from office. I wanted it to be a surprise, so I straight went to her campus and waited for her to come out. She came out with another guy. Before I could call her name, he was kissing her, and she kissed him back. I stood there, with not a clue as to what to do. Roses wilted in the back of my car, Nam. She got into his car with him. I called her, to let her know I was there. She said she was working late and would meet me that weekend. I called her multiple times till the weekend, and she chose to not meet me. That weekend when I finally told her what I had seen, she confessed to have cheated on me. For 5 years. 5 years, Nam. She wept and apologized. And told me how she was so in love with him. And how, she was confused between the two of us. Funny know, Nam? My doll was confused "

I cringed at every memory in the last 6 months I had referred to her as doll. That's what he would always refer to her as. Though I found it extremely sappy, it was so sweet of him.

"So I helped her decide and walked away. She called after two months and wanted back, but I said no. What she was to me, she was the exact same thing to him, Nam. The fact that six years of being with me still didn't help her make a choice, it broke me. I could have taken her back, Nam. I loved that girl. But how can you be with somebody that doubts whom she loves?"

I sat there listening to him rambling. All I could do was sit there and listen to him, and hold back my tears. He finished his monologue and expectantly looked at me.

"Why didn't you tell me, Dhruv?"

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