Friday 7 March 2014

Love Long Hair - 2

Somebody notify everybody else, Thursday is the new Friday! *Insert trumpets and bugles*

No? Its only for me? Aaah! See that is what happens to you after four days of continuous labs and records and then a mini vacation of five days. 

Yes, its mine. 

*smug face*

So I thought I'll kick start the vacation with a hair wash, plus this is the first review of the shampoo and conditioner brand I have been testing. If you guys remember, I have no clue about the brand here :)

So be rest assured, there is no biasing. *but hey, I never do it anyway!* 

Let me tell you what I think about it.

The shampoo and conditioner are both white. The shampoo is a little runnier than the conditioner.  

The shampoo cleans well, and leaves no greasy feeling. I didn't experience extra hair fall or hair tugging. It takes away the dirt and gives a very nice fragrance. The shampoo spreads easily through wet hair.  Me likes.

The conditioner is thicker and requires little working to spread it. I usually leave it on for around 3 minutes before washing it away. The fragrance of this compliments the shampoo and together, hair smells so, so great. Its perfect for an after workout shower.

Now coming to how they fared. My hair is mostly on the drier side and this conditioner worked pretty damn well. My hair felt 'dry' until it dried completely. What I mean is, I always let my hair air dry. So, until all the hair dries completely, the already dry top layers felt a little drier than usual. At around evening, hair was well moisturized (after a little brushing). It didn't weigh down my hair. 

Since I have fringes, forehead acne can be a major issue for me with new hair care products. This combo didn't give me any pimples. 

As of now, I will say this has been decent enough. My hair seems healthy and glossy. 

I shall review it again in a couple of days after trying it on oiled hair and the like. 

The bottles are adorable, know? :) 

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